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Remember Me

I am a big fan of a lot of dystopian fiction novels and Remember Me fits in with them very well. Remember Me is a new beat em up kind of game. Like a 3D Final Fight with a very well fleshed combo and fighting system. Capcom did a very great job with this amazing game and it deserves a sequel. I love this game.

I wish there were more games like this for today’s modern era of gaming. I miss beat em ups. I feel that Final Fight: Streetwise was the last game released by a major company like Capcom in this vein. This style is purely a beat em up and not a hack and slash.  I enjoy games that have this much feeling and atmosphere. I wish the Streets of Rage sequel wasn’t canceled as there would be a proper contender with this game.

It is the fighting system in this game that makes it feel so nice. I would not expect any less from the company behind Street Fighter. Here is a video showcasing the combat and combos.

Remember Me feels like playing a Street Fighter game that has the gameplay of Shenmue. Basically, take a dystopian future, give Ryu a gender and nationality change, add elements of technology that has gone berserk and you get Remember Me. A fast paced, enemy smashing, female fronted, brawling menace.

I feel that the end is kind of weird but hey, it’s Capcom and it’s Japanese. I do not feel that this is the kind of game for everyone BUT I would insist that everyone should at least try this game once.

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