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Fidget Spinners? Back In My Day They Were Called Yo-yos!

What is it with humanity’s mind? We think we are the most complexly evolved yet are repeatedly pleased by the simplicity of a f****** circle and a ball bearing. When I was growing up we had the resurgence of Yo-Yos, these kids have Fidget Spinners. The only difference is a string.


If you have ever seen the movie The Hudsucker Proxy, you would understand that this happens all the time. The movie is about Tim Robbins making a circle, you know, for kids! That circle was a hula hoop. Then he makes another circle for kids called a frisbee. But hey anyway the point still stands. Humanity loves circles. Every 10 or so years a new circle comes out. Creating the circle of circles.


The simplicity of these things is quite insane. It is literally a ball bearing that spins a bigger circle. Kids and adults alike are going f****** nuts for these retarded things. They have been banned in schools all over America much like Pokemon Cards were when I was in school. You can find them in Gas Stations and Liquor stores alike, though they have nothing to do with the niche of the store itself. There is a word for these things and it is not revolutionary, it is called a fad.


Do you own one? And Why?

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