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The Ozone Hole is Healing

Scientists confirm: the ozone hole is indeed healing.

People vs Pancakes

It's People Like This That Make Me Feel Better About My Own Fails


The Ozone Hole is Healing

Scientists confirm: the ozone hole is indeed healing. (more…)

The Future of Mech Racing?

This giant prosthesis exoskeleton is built for mech racing..


Waffle House customer arrested for lashing out about barbecue sauce

A Waffle House patron will have his day in court after exploding in anger over the restaurant’s lack of barbecue sauce. Willie Edward Drake, 43, was arrested last week at a Waffle House in Macon, Ga., after “screaming obscenities and insulting” the employees who told him they could not provide him with barbecue sauce, per a Bibb County Police report obtained by the Smoking Gun.


How to Paint a Car

One of the biggest questions in car maintenance answered. How to paint a car!


How To Clean A Dirty Engine Block

This is a really interesting video about cleaning an engine block with some serious fire power!


Chicken Alfredo Roll-Ups

These Chicken Alfredo Roll-Ups will make you see lasagna noodles in a whole new light. (more…)

Apple Pie Cheesecake

This apple pie cheesecake is the best of both worlds 🍎! (more…)

7 Ways to Hide a House Key

Ever been locked out and wished you had hidden your key somewhere? Or are you worried about someone finding your key because you are terrible at hiding things. Well here ya go, 7 Genius ways to hide a house key. (more…)

How To Melt An AK-47 In 799 Rounds

So, you wonder how many rounds does it take to make an AK-47 non functional? Well you have come to the right place, check it out. The magic number is 799! (more…)

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