Wrestling doesn’t always go off as planned every night during live events. Pro wrestlers or sports entertainers are just like the rest of us they aren’t superhuman as they portray and do get sick sometimes. The case being Big Show, I came across and article the other day and Big show was talking about an incident that happened in the early 2000’s, 2002- maybe 2003 because Lesnar was gone by 2004.

Show went on in the interview to describe the incident as such “I started taking Germans in his comeback and that was all she wrote. Just because I s*** myself Brock thought it was hysterical. He’s laughing at me the whole time. I think it was two Germans and a belly-to-belly and Brock just started laughing. He goes, ‘Huh, huh, huh, did you poop yourself?’ But he didn’t say poop. And I said ‘yeah, ass-clown, can we just go home now? Can I get an F-5 and get the hell out of here?” The only good thing to come of this was that show happened to be wearing long tights and leather pants over it so that it was a tad easier to clean up. He went on to add that overseas its not easy to just find knew ring gear so he had to go out back afterwards and hose down his gear. I don’t know if its the older generation of wrestlers but no matter what the show must go own.

Stories like this have found there way out in shoot interviews over the years. The late great Yokozuna was in a match with the Hitman Bret Hart and attempted the Banzi drop Hart looked up and noticed the worst thing that you could in that situation, a poop stain. It looked like a bowl of pea soup. According to Hart, that moment was the fastest he had ever moved in the ring. Lets just say Yokozuna forever left his own little mark in the corner of that ring. The finally tale to add to this article of things not going off as planned in the ring is attributed to Tommy Dreamer a hardcore legend who made his name in ECW as well as WWF/E. He stated that during match with The worlds strongest man he was body slammed and well as you can probably connect the dots, he had gone to check with a doctor sometime after and the doctor confirmed that Mark Henry had latterly body slammed the CRAP OUT OF HIM! Since watching wrestling ever since I was a kid I always assumed that these guys were superhuman you see them making live events each week and TV tapings but as discussed in this article that even though they are wrestlers and well like all of us sometime accidents do happen but the show must go on!