Well Well Well. Its about time that Capcom or possibly Disney has released new info to the upcoming (possibly) greatest vs series of all time! Yes Marvel Vs Capcom Infinite has a release date finally and some new game play video. If you fan of the series or just want to duke it out with a bunch of heros and Villians I’m sure you are ecstatic! Personally I am not a huge fan of the roster that they have released so far, only characters that catch my eye are Thor and Chris (was hoping for Leon). This Vs. Series has come a long way from 6 button layout 2 v 2 to 3 button layout 3 v 3. This time around it seems that capcom is going to switch it up a bit and head a bit back to the roots, with a 4 button layout and infinity stones. So far from what we know things look very promising just hoping the character roster gets better -Wheres Commando? Jin? Gene?.  Click the link below to read more about the game and watch the latest game play video!

More Info Here !