This bracket is based off the Mortal Kombat Trilogy roster. Vote to cast your opinion on the Round 1 of best Mortal Kombat 3 character. Round 2 will begin on June 1st. The losers of the bracket move on to the wildcard. The winners of the finals in Mortal Kombat 1 character bracket and Mortal Kombat 2 character bracket will face off in a final vote for the best Mortal Kombat fighter of the Mortal Kombat 2-D era!

Sub-Zero Vs Scorpion

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Unmasked Sub-Zero Vs Reptile

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Noob Saibot vs Smoke (human)

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Rain vs Ermac

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Sonya Blade vs Jax

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Johnny Cage Vs Kano

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Liu Kang vs Kung Lao

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Raiden vs Shang Tsung

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Mileena vs Kitana

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Sindel Vs Jade

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Sektor vs Cyrex

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Smoke (robot) Vs Nightwolf

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Sheeva vs Baraka

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Stryker vs Kabal

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Goro vs Kintaro

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Shao Khan vs Motaro

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