Royal Rumble 1989 was pretty alright. It had its high points and very low points. Let’s get ready to retroflekt!

Match 1:

two out of three falls:

Hart Foundation & “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan vs. Fabulous Rougeau Brothers & Dino Bravo (w/Jimmy Hart & Frenchy Martin)

Early Rumbles have lots of Intercontinental stipulations (2 out of three falls) to them. John Neidhart begins with Bravo who uses a headlock. Each goes by way of a test of power shoulder block series that winds up with Anvil out-smarting equally knee that is lost and Dino falls. Duggan labels in therefore labels Rougeau that is Dino. Ray works clotheslines being ducked by the rules but runs into a bust that is huge by Duggan accompanied by with a leg fall. Hart labels in and Ray and he do some fine countertop sequences that are near fall. Rougeau labels him with a Hart Attack clothesline and gets his turn within the rear on a foundation effort but Bret amounts in. Duggan and the Hart get the resistance in the part and everybody gets in on the activity and help Anvil shoulder blocks. Raymond captured with a low connection Bret; Dino comes in and strikes on the side suplex. The Rougeaus include the initial drop, the Rougeau Brothers as well as Le Bombe de Rougeaux and Dino Bravo earn. Ray and Bret, loser and victor, begin next fall. Jacques tag and the part very hard Bravo he hits an inverted atomic drop. They speedy out and in a draw, on Hart, this enables the Rougeaus to sell their cool double teams all; for instance, Raymond slams belly onto Jacques’ leg. Dino Bravo smacks a bear-hug on Bret; to make sure it stays interesting, he reduces Bret to the material to make an effort to trap him but Bret (somehow) pushes him upward. Bret strikes a distressed sunset flip but the Rougeaus turn off when the Anvil distracts the referee, as well as Jacques, find yourself using a reverse chin lock. Now Jacques uses and results in a crab. As a label is produced enabling more double-teams, the ref is distracted by Ray. The external is utilized by the Rougeaus -the-band-for-influence abdominal reach while the referee is distracted by Bravo. Jacques re-applies the stretch and labels in; Raymond strikes while Bret continues to be in the maintain his savate stop and tags. Bret barbs the basics to obstruct and drops Jacques into a reverse atomic drop although Jacques attempts a goof flip in the corner. Bret eventually gets the pass to Duggan. Duggan sling shot splashes on both Bret and Anvil consecutively onto Raymond; falls a knee for three. Jim Duggan and the Hart Foundation earn the 2nd fall. Raymond is checked into by the heels as he must begin the ultimate fall with Duggan who kicks the crap out of him; he stupidly decides to pursue the additional pumps and gets captured from behind, but. Now they function in the part using the double-teams that are prohibited over Duggan. A recovery attempt but he is kept by the Rougeaus in their part. The Harts come directly in to try to enable and to assist more dual teaming. The large arms on Duggan drop fighting Duggan for the Moron Prize nuclear drops he labels Hart and him right back to his part. Every one of the resistance is unloaded on by Bret. The attire shoving him away glides down although backbreaker adopted by another string shoulder. Activating a massive brawl which allows everybody else to get included; while the referee is distracted for three in the madness, Duggan catches Bravo and the 2×4. Jim Duggan and the Foundation earn the match as well as the third fall.

Match 2:

super posedown:

Ultimate Warrior vs. “Ravishing” Rick Rude (w/Bobby Heenan)

Ewww blach, I’ll take a crab juice. Stupid time filler… fast forward.

Match 3:

WWF Women’s Championship

Rockin’ Robin vs. Judy Martin:

The victor is challenged by Sensational Sherri prior to the match begins. Sherri joins Jessie Ventura in the broadcast booth and Gorilla Monsoon to run both girls down. Martin rams her face to the mat and gets the edge in the corner using a kick. Martin proceeds down the defeat and counters a sunset flip; Robin uses a Boston crab and returns. They go through Robin knees and a close autumn her in the corner. Robin misses Judy and a drop kick clotheslines her for 2. A backslide for 2 attempts. Robin takes Martin with a cross-body in the corner then nails her out

Match 4:

King of the WWF match:

King Haku vs. Harley Race

Both are managed by Bobby Heenan and straddles the fence for whoever had the edge at that time rooting. Therefore the crown was given by Heenan to Haku race was the first king but got hurt; Harley Race needs it back. This might have been Harley Race’s last match although I’m perhaps not overly certain. Race knocks on Haku to the ground and hits a suplex. Harley reaches a few elbow falls and a reverse atomic drop; he is flung by Haku on the top rope backward in the corner and flops. Chops of them; they trade headbutts, both to the encounter by Haku understood for hard-heads, therefore that is not won by anyone. The ropes run and get hit with a shoulderblock; wonderful slowly dropping piledriver by Race gets 2. Double area sends Harley Race to the flooring; Haku provides him straight back in having a good vertical suplex for 2. Haku misses an elbow drop, therefore, Harley hits a stalling suplex and returns the favor. Haku is tossed by race to the ground and gets backdropped from a piledriver effort. Harley finally gets that piledriver to the ground! Ouch. Haku ascends the buckles to the best and slams Race at the center but MISSES the headbutt. Harley increases and he additionally MISSES the 2nd- rope headbutt. Harley runs right square in the face area, into Haku thrust kick, for three.

Match 5:

Royal Rumble

#2 Demolition Smash and #1 Demolition Ax starts us away revealing precisely what surprises were in store and what they could do with this particular event. This is it if there was a “Royal Rumble minute”. They sledge and fight each other a lot with neither obtaining a clear cut on upper hand. These two are the tag team champs at this point. Demolition chokes him under the ropes and knocks him down upon his entry. André gets a few chance in and starts to control both tag champs when #4 Mr. Perfect slowly walks to the ring. He enters and assaults Demolition and the Giant instantly. André eventually getting a one on one throws Smash instantly REMOVING him. André headbutts Mr. Perfect and he almost flips out. #5 Ronnie Garvin helps and arrives on the. They tie him in the ropes but they are flung by André all away. André starts to control three men as #6 Greg “The Hammer” Valentine helps out against André the Giant and jogs to the ring. Now Valentine and Garvin defeat on André who REMOVES Ronnie Garvin with a hiplock over the top and fends them all away. Here comes #7 as there’s involved Jake “The Snake” Roberts and goes after André per Damian giving a heart attack on Saturday Nighttime’s Main Event to André the Giant. While André crushes Jake in the corner everyone beat on each other. Subsequently, André ELIMINATES Jake Roberts, fairly fast. André stalks Valentine who begs off; Mr. Perfect attempts to help but gets chopped away. Bass defeats on Ax. André piles up Perfect and Valentine in the corner and crushes them there. Mr. Perfect REMOVES Ax with a shoulder-dip backdrop. Perfect throws Shawn Michaels but he skins-the-cat to save removal off; thus he dropkicks over Perfect and he swings off the ropes back in. Everyone brawls.

With that lets everyone to simply Rumble-brawl by the ropes. Bass and perfect attempt to double team Shawn however they mess up and Bass takes a Hennig clothesline. #11 Honky Tonk Man to a vast chorus of boos. The six men Rumble on the ropes and pair off. Shawn nearly goes over I gamble in Rumble history Shawn Michaels holds the record removals that are close. Santana and Valentine conflict since they still despise each other from 1985. Shawn takes a truly high backdrop from Bass. Suplex Michaels doubles as Tito hangs between the ropes with the Hammer Throw. Shawn comes off double forearms Bad News and the very best and Ron Bass. The Rockers work over Bass Guitar; a double dropkick REMOVES Ron Bass plus double elbow. The Rockers control the remaining portion of the field; Santana nails a flying forearm on Valentine who nearly goes out. Undisputed WWF Champ #15 “Macho Man” Randy Savage assaults Terrible News for disparaging Elizabeth and sprints down. He didn’t disparage Pete Chilcutt. Valentine attempts to intervene but Savage is on fire. Jannetty and Hennig double lift Awful News. Savage works nicely hmm, with cads. Anderson is attacked by Jannetty to up the awe-inspiring in this Rumble. Savage works over Awful News some more; Jannetty crotches Arn on the very best rope. Tully and perfect fight for Marc Elusive favourite heel supremacy as Bad News is wrapped up with Savage. An atomic drop attempts on Jannetty but gets clotheslined. Arn joins they and Tully beat Arn’s wonderful spinebuster and Marty together and elbows drop onto him. The Brain Busters ELIMINATE Marty Jannetty as #18 Hulk Hogan comes in. Tito Santana gets REMOVED off camera. Tully Blanchard and awful News nearly get out Hogan. Subsequently, a whole mess of men make an effort to help and Savage will not provide any support to Hogan. Awful News REMOVES Butch keeping both Bushwhackers from sending this Rumble into blowing and being in the ring in precisely the same time. Savage and Hogan team up on Bad News.

A group of dropkicks throws. Hogan Flares him back into the ring and catches Arn on the very best rope. Hogan rakes ELIMINATES and Koko’s eyes him; Hogan subsequently ELIMINATES Luke. The Brain Busters team that is double Hogan. #21Warlord jogs Hogan grabs both Brain Busters with clotheslines and REMOVES both of them down. Warlord measures in and Hogan clotheslines him outside establishing a record that will continue for approximately twenty years and instantly ELIMINATING him. Hogan REMOVES both of them and then goes to where Terrible News and Savage are fighting. Savage is pissed and gets about it in Hogan’s face. As the buzzer goes off for #22 Big Bossman they tremble. Suitable, they can be feuding. Hogan defeats on the Bossman and goes right at him. #23 Akeem trots down; Twin Towers draw back to back amounts as Jessie Ventura and Gorilla Monsoon believe Ted Dibiase is to attribute. Hogan slams Akeem and manages both of them; finally, they beat him down and get the better of Hogan. The Twin Towers REMOVE Hogan. Hulk Sportsman subsequently pulls out Bossman from the flooring and beats on him. #24 Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake helps Hogan on the flooring with the Towers and runs down. Bossman and Hogan fight back to the locker room. Meanwhile, Beefcake is worked over by Akeem. Here is #25 Red Rooster who attempts to take out Akeem to no accessible Brutus does though and he and the Rooster attempt to drop Akeem. A high knee on the ropes from Beefcake immobilizes Akeem. Rooster and throws Beefcake away and works; and 26 Barbarian comes in Akeem complete by himself. Everyone hangs on the ropes for some time. Akeem collars Air Africa in the centre of the ring on Red Rooster. #27 Big John Studd as a babyface, is simply weird. Is the Rooster on his feet quickly after that dash? Studd simply drops him away to work on Akeem. Barbarian on the very best rope chokes out. Face turned #28 Hercules runs down. Everyone conflicts on the ropes. Barbarian is hanging on the very best rope but falls back in. So he goes following the Rooster #29 Rick Martel attempts to go after Akeem but Studd ain’t havin’ it. Everyone trades off trying to remove each other. #30 Ted Dibiase having purchased the top number. Because he’s not a supervisor however a bodyguard Virgil hangs out at ringside; Gorilla calls him a stooge as usual. Dibiase REMOVES the Red Rooster. Hercules gets all fired up on Dibiase and strikes on a string of clotheslines. Barbarian and Dibiase sneak up on them and REMOVE Hercules and Beefcake. Shoulderblock on Martel and a running powerslam by Barbarian; Barbarian goes up and loses the top-rope dive headbutt on Martel. Barbarian believing Martel is dead sets him up to remove but a dropkick REMOVES Barbarian and Martel ducks. The last four for the 1989 Royal Rumble are; Akeem, Ted Dibiase, Rick Martel and John Studd. Dibiase is worked over by Martel; Akeem misses an avalanche on Martel. Avalanche by Akeem; another is called for by Dibiase but Studd pulls Dibiase in between. One forearm by Akeem and Studd is REMOVED. Dibiase attempts to buy Studd away to no accessible Studd failures out a butterfly suplex. Studd ELIMINATES him and wins the Rumble as Jessie Ventura sings the praises of Dibiase. Virgil attempts to assault from behind and gets dumped over the top too.

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