Royal Rumble 1990, the event was getting more hype than Wrestlemania in these days. Let’s get ready to Retroflekt!

Match 1:

Bushwhackers vs. Fabulous Rougeau Brothers (w/Jimmy Hart):

Opening tag matches at early Royal Rumbles ALWAYS appear to be exceptionally amusing. Jacques Rougeau seems odd with that Kenny Loggins beard. Raymond Rougeau works over Luke and Butch breaks up a double team effort. He then bites lately reinstated referee Danny Davis in the butt. DQ, um? Jacques tags in does Luke some biting. The Whackers outsmart stomp and the Rougeaus around a bit more. You know, I’ve seen countless Bushwhackers’ matches and I get Butch and Luke confused. The Rougeaus stomp away and turn the tables; that and Jacques diverts Butch enables Luke in the corner to choke together with the tag rope. Jimmy Hart diverts Luke to the floor enabling teaming. Luke attempts to bite his way out but that time prevents him. Jacques although Luke stings cuts another tag off. Jacques hit Luke while still and employs an abdominal stretch and Ray tags. Reverse chinlock by Raymond. Luke, Butch eventually tags in and gets his knees up on a Jacques dash. Butch ruins everyone in his course. Jimmy Hart catches the Bushwhackers’ legs to prevent RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE REFEREE, a battering ram. DQ, um? It stops with double dropkicks although he is abused by them and nearly split his legs. The Boston crab is broken up by the Bushwhackers /legdrop double team tripping Jacques.

Match 2:

Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake vs. The Genius:

Genius behaves really flamboyantly as he jogs on the ground across the band and cartwheels. They association and a clean break is given by Beefcake but the eyes are raked by Genius. Genius stalls, as-usual. Chops and pro punches but misses a large part drop-kick. They secure in a test of power that Beefcake wins immediately. The Genius attempting to flee is caught by beefcake and hangs him about the top-rope and crotches him. On the flooring more, Genius stalls. Genius hammers down Brutus and comes back with a drop kick. Slam crops that are large Brutus. Genius is slammed by Brutus and uses the sleeper however he reverses and Brutus accidentally shoves him. The sleeper is applied by Brutus, Genius passes out. Brutus trims his hair until Mr. Perfect , Genius’ running pal, makes the save. The referee eventually comes to and both men are DQ’d.

Match 3:

submission match:

“Rugged” Ronnie Garvin vs. Greg “The Hammer” Valentine (w/Jimmy Hart)

Late in 1989 Garvin and Valentine and a retirement match feuded culminating the angle. This can be the ending of the whole storyline. Each man had a brace that is cleared on their leg at the same time to counter each other’s entry finishers. They chop through the match and each goes for falls to sell the entry stipulation. Garvin falls elbows and picks up his leg letting a chance by Valentine. They trade Garvin head-butts and stiff chops it sends down both men. A Garvin piledriver is countered by Valentine into a sequence that is worthless near fall. Valentine named the Hart Breaker and readjusts his leg brace, is up first, to amplify the figure four leglock but Garvin kicks away him. Valentine quantifies Garvin with forearm falls. Then, Valentine uses the figure four leglock. Garvin, wearing his brace makes and feels no pain faces a Valentine. Nice. Elbows drop however each other chokes. Garvin lights up torso is punished by Valentine with chops. Garvin drop-toe holds to the drop-rear Indian deathlock. Valentine makes the ropes. Valentine pulls Garvin to the ground with him and pulls away to the ground. In the ring, Garvin ties himself and misses a corner dropkick. Garvin lands close to the ropes where Jimmy Hart can get rid of the Hammer Jammer. Smart. Jimmy reveals Valentine; who uses a backbreaker to the figure four. Valentine although Garvin revokes rolls over again and catches the rope for additional damage that is despair. Garvin’s leg is worked over by Valentine . The buckle scales but Garvin hops on a single leg over to Flairs Valentine and the ropes away. Garvin falls but has the wherewithal to get rid of Valentine’s leg brace. Jimmy Hart diverts him letting Valentine stalk Garvin and to get the Hammer Jammer. Ronnie notices along with his own leg brace at the final second and BLASTS Valentine. Garvin uses the reverse figure four (Sharpshooter) for the entry. tight match

Match 4:

“Hacksaw” Jim Duggan vs. Big Bossman (w/Slick):

The Big Bossman was only entering his own as an employee now, and he turned out to be several months apart from a face change.  Duggan is a variation of the Bushwhackers. He turned out to be a big guy that is tough, however, he turned out to be a comedy performance. He really makes an excellent point in his take meeting about tightening down his hardness because, in days past, the function is using similar man four nights weekly, plus it only didn’t spend to beat the s*** from each other that. Duggan gets clotheslined and claps his way from a bear-hug but misses a charge. They encounter each other to get a KOH area that is dual, and Glossy attempts to intrude. The effect was only typical.

Match 5:


The Royal Rumble:

Ted Dibiase is #1, however this year he gets to keep Virgil at ringside. Koko B. Ware is #2, and seeing this live, I was only convinced he was going to go on a huge run. Dibiase bills and gets backdropped to the ground. Marty Janetty is fares considerably at scoring some ganja and #3. Dibiase throws him over also and ducks a charge. Jake Roberts is #4, and Dibiase is crapping in his $1,000 silk boxers. They meet in brawl and the aisle back to ringside. Jake rams him into the post, although Dibiase attempts to put him outside with the Million Dollar Dream. Savage ties up Jake and gives him a small smack. When he’d Savage tied in the ropes two years after, Jake would have a lot less mercy.
Roddy Piper is #6 and gets a pop normally allowed for Hogan. Piper a two-on-two. He goes after Piper, enabling Savage and Dibiase to turn back to Jake. Savage and Dibiase attempt to team up against Bret, but it backfires. Piper and Bret team up against the Warlord. Bad News Brown is #9 and goes after Bret, reviving their various competitions. The crowd simply doesn’t enjoy Savage at this point. Dibiase and savage are actually showing some solidarity here. I think cash and politics really do blend. Savage is tossed by him instantly.

Andre the Giant is #11, just able to make it to the ring (and though he was a tag team champ here!). Andre corners Rhodes and Piper, but they’re too fast for him. He goes after Dusty Rhodes for no obvious motive. The two really did have a small heat in the mid-1980s because Taylor was a punk afterward, but Watts straightened him out. Bad News Brown is tossed by Piper, and ever the inferior sport, Bad News, pulls out Piper. That drives fledgling referee Shane McMahon and Muay Thai specialist send them to the back and to divide them. The Rooster is tossed by Andre. Ax is #13, as well as both Machines go at one another. This morning, kind of odd how things work out because I simply saw an Machines match. Haku is #14, and Smash is #15, which handily places the Colossal Connection in there and Demolition .

Akeem is #16, giving some competition in the size section to Andre. Demolition eliminates Andre and teams upward. Bret Hart does get the courtesy of an on camera removal. #17 is Snukaised by Jimmy, and he goes after Akeem. In the beginning, I believed that was dumb, but he is sent by Snuka out with a flying headbutt. The Canadian Quake is #19. Dusty Rhodes is eliminated by him. Unfortunately, Akeem and Andre have been dropped because this really is the only match where Akeem Quake and Andre would have been fascinating. Quake lays out an open challenge for everyone who would like to wear the daddy pants and throws Ax. Everyone but dumps him over the top and Bravo gangs up on the Quake. Dibiase is in there, and this is the first time anyone actually paid attention to longevity.

Warrior no-sells throws Bravo and an atomic drop. The completely steady team of Warrior and Neidhart go after Dibiase and then turn on each other. He goes right after Smash, which is really a fine touch of continuity because Demolition put Martel out of action on the ground for a year using a Demolition Decapitation. Unfortunately, this really continues to be an age of “bad guys and “good guys” so the announcers don’t mention some of that. Haku throws Smash minutes after. Tito Santana is #23, and he goes after Martel, obviously. Virgil helps push Dibiase back in to prevent removal. Dibiase gives a piledriver to Snuka. Warrior gets another huge pop for clotheslining outside Dibiase. Hulk Hogan is #25, and you’ven’t until you’ve heard the bunch here heard pops. Snuka is tossed by Hogan. There goes Haku also. Santana gets removed in a fracas with the Warrior as well as Martel. Honky pairs off with Hogan while the Warrior as well as Martel go at it.

Shawn Michaels is #26 and gets dumped right back outside by the Ultimate Warrior. Hogan and warrior pitch their individual opponents nearly concurrently, giving us the long-hoped-for Warrior versus Hogan conflict. No one budges, although they trade shoulderblocks. A crisscross results in a double clothesline, putting down both guys. That leaves them easy pickings at #27 for The Barbarian. Rick Rude captures the chance by coming in before the #28 horn sounds to attack a defenseless Warrior and Hogan. Warrior makes the save for the Hulkster, but when the exact same thing attempts, he winds up removing the Warrior. Amusing Hogan winds out when he’s only “helping out up throwing his buddies.” Warrior gives him the present of violence as he takes out Rude and Barbarian before running back to the locker room. I hear there are a few queers in there Warrior! GET ‘EM! Barbarian is tossed by Herc.

That leaves Hercules Hogan, Perfect and Rude. Rude clotheslines Hercules outside immediately, leaving Hogan against the Minnesota Kvetching Crew. A cad double team backfires virtually removing Perfect and sending Rude to the ground. That leaves Hogan and Perfect. Perfect hits on the Perfectplex, which might be the single most worthless move in a battle royal outside of a wristlock. He throws Perfect for the anticlimactic triumph. Great information from Dibiase and Perfect, as well as the bunch was on fire for the babyfaces like Piper and Jake.

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