Royal Rumble 1994, live from Rhode Island. Two winners, not a single camera on that side of the ring. Let’s LOL I mean Retroflekt.

Match 1:

Tatanka v. Bam Bam Bigelow

Million Dollar Babies, Tatanka and Bam Bam Bigelow would both go on to be in the Million Dollar Corporation but as of right now this match would make no sense. Oh it’s because Ludvig Borga backed out of the match. Bam Bam Bigelow is a heel, pure heel, fighting everyone for no reason just being a bully. Bam Bam Bigelow is damn underrated, it is a shame. For a big dude to keep pace with a middle dude like Tatanka weight wise is impressive. Match accumulates up to a point where both botch moves and Tatanka takes the win.

Match 2:

WWF tag team title match:

The Quebecers v. Bret & Owen Hart

It’s a Canadian scuffle between some shitty wrestlers and some phenomenal athletes, who is who? Harts double team the winners to begin. Odd minute: of being a true limelight hog for most of his career, Vince McMahon accuses Dibiase. Because I’ll go on for 5 paragraphs, I wo begin on that one. A brawl as well as Pierre cheapshots Bret erupts. That’s critically bloody trendy. Note to Christian & Edge: Begin doing s*** like that. Bret comes in but gets powerslammed into face-in-danger way to start the initial heat section of the match. This time on Owen, sharpshooter on Jacques, but we get heat section #2, and it breaks. Bret comes back in immediately, hitting against the FIVE PROCEEDS OF DOOM. Johnny Polo (Raven) pulls down the ropes and Bret falls to the ground, injuring his knee. Heats section #3 is begun by this, as his knee is worked by the Quebecers and usually cheat like rabid weasels. We work the countout tease for a bit Owen tosses back Bret in. Bret goes…and won’t tag Owen, although the knee for some time hurts and choose the cannonball finisher. Instead, the Sharpshooter on Pierre attempts, but his own knee gives way, as well as the match at 16:44. stops I’d turn also, if I was Owen. Owen abuses his poor brother while he rolls around on the mat, and is pissed. Bret struggles his approach to his feet (to applause), so Owen KICKS HIS LEG FROM HIS LEG! Don’t stress, I’ll describe the reference next paragraph. Large heel heat for Owen there. Great match, great angle which makes Owen a tremendous heel and Bret an even larger babyface kick

Match 3:

Intercontinental title match:

Razor Ramon v. IRS

It’s Scarface Vs The Feds! AHHHH! Eh Chico, you wanna steal the chains of the white guy? I mean bad guy! So the match goes on, I usually really like IRS matches, not this one. Razor wins, Wrestlemania X ladder match for the title is much more worth watching.

Match 4:

WWF title casket match:

Yokozuna v. The Undertaker

Riddle me this riddle me that, why is the deadman so bad at his own match? Well, he really isn’t bad this time around as he had to fight about 15 guys off to try to even win, but hey dude needed a rest in peace. Yokozuna wins with help from half the locker room. Undertaker rises from the dead and then the Undertaker sightings commence.

Match 5:

Royal Rumble:

amu Number 2, Number 1 is got by Steiner. Due to time limitations we’re using 90 seconds as opposed to TWO minutes here. Number 3 is got by Ralph Steiner, as well as Samu was remove by the Steiners immediately. KWANG!) He sprays water that is green at the Steiners and is Number 4 and does some fighting styles that are deadly. Kwang is needless to say that well-known martial artist Vega to place it in perspective. Owen Hart (along with his large cad put) are Number 5. The cads reign. Owen eventually ends up up battling hard enough to topple outside Steiner, and does an innocent tussle with Ron in the part. Bart Gunn is Number 6. Diesel is Number 7, activating a series that is fairly well-known. Bart! Steiner! Owen! Kwang! Everybody takes a seat to the ground, as well as the crowd eats up it. Devotees chant as he waits for another casualty Diesel ”. It Gunn at Number 9, and he’s out guy, on his butt, around about this several seconds after. Virgil is #10, although maybe not for long. The Diesel chants grow louder, and also would maintain till he got the name in November of this year, growing louder. Here’s your strange idea for the evening: Kevin Nash was to the brink of being terminated at that time, because he was getting no response and couldn’t function, and in the event the Rumble operate hadn’t labored, he probably would have gone right back to WCW and stopped his career around 1995 performing the Vinnie Vegas trick for $500 a night, subsequently outdated. But it DID work, and he proceeded to a standing, label games that are several, and also three World games as mind booker of WCW. Therefore, in the event that you were among the devotees who have been chanting that nighttime… It’s ALL OF YOUR fault this past year, that all that garbage was reserved by Nash. Savage is #1 1, hence stopping Diesel’s flow of jobbers. His own is held by him until Jarrett comes in at #1 2. Vince overview of Jarrett motive almost makes me rip out my hair: “He really wants to use the WWF as a stepping-stone to fame in. The way the nightmare is the fact that supposed to attract on him heel warmth? A REGION VOCALIST that is wicked? No question s O much cash was misplaced by the WWF. Smash is #1 3, and he’s like attractive girls on anybody but Madden on Savage. While Diesel-Powered sets Savage and smash brawl. Lazy bastard. Cads doubleteam Savage. That’d be Dorrie Lombardi here, I believe. Squeezes that are smash Savage from the match. Diesel-Powered and smash combat to get a moment, then understand Doink is a less difficult goal. Bigleow is #1-5, therefore the cads generously step-out of the approach and Bigelow javelins the clown away from the band midway down the section. That critical there. Ill lump, also. No Thing like a big fat guy that is dark to spice up the complement up. Diesel-powered gets compressed. S O perhaps there’s a cure for Iaukea however. Diesel goes after him because he may. Shawn geese outoftheway, as well as the rest of places Diesel-Powered and the bunch strikes. He gets a standing ovation to the wayout. Missouri is #1-9. Greg Valentine’s is # 20. Gift pool is becoming quite poor here. Tatanka is #21, with newly encounter that is re painted. Mo-Re things than I’m able ot follow readily, heading on. An enema is needed by this complement. The Excellent Kabuki is throws and #2-2 anxiety in to everyone’s center. Mabel is ganged through to by every one and places him. Kabuki is his just casualty and I’m hoping to get a large baby face operate to clear the deadwood, although Luger is #2 3. Tenryu is #2 4. Shawn does a group of teases about the rules. Doesn’t display up, although Booger is #25. MoRe things heading on. Hart is NONETHELESS trying to sell that knee hurt, #27. ENORMOUS for him jumps. About about 50% the total inhabitants of the match that so many several, and continues to be in this matter. Three men dump smash. He move traveling at each additional like Gordon and Wayne Western with these collars on, and Marty Jannetty is #2-9, as well as the crowd goes crazy due to it. Last guy at # 30 Blast. Like…wait a second therefore our area appears, there goes Sparky. Therefore our industry resembles Hart, Michaels Luger, Blast, Tenryu, Tatanka Martel Fatu. Because we go-fast and mad a lot of pointless roaming to get a short while, then I think some one signs to proceed house. Valentine unexpectedly slides off the basics, and Martel and Valentine in the nook wrestle and has gone out. Martel gets back-dropped out by Tatanka following. Everybody else dogpiles Adam Blast and he’s eliminated. Tatanka is tossed by Bigelow. Dash Turns and the part fees to the ground. He is met by Jannetty down there. Tenryu is sent by Luger straight back to Asia, and we’re with…the Ultimate Four left.

Hart, Luger, Michaels, Fatu. I ponder who goes first? Shawn and Bret do a sequence that is cool and nearly topple outside each additional. Shawn & Fatu get Luger to the attire, however he combats right back in and eliminates everyone. Dual-beat enables Bret and Luger to concurrently remove both cads. Where equally hit the ground at 55:25 to finish the complement.

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