Obscurity is no longer a term that truly means a thing today. With the chaotic black metal emergence and avant-garde presence strong today in metal, the term has almost lost meaning. But, if you are to look to the past to explain the future there is one giant missing link. Its name is Timeghoul.

Like a chaotic demon raging through time and space ( not Thanos or Galactus nerd!), Timeghoul had a ravaging sound that was reminiscent of none. Before we continue put Obscura right the f*** out of your aural vicinity, this is nothing like Gorguts.

Tumultuous Travelings

Usually, the term science fiction metal sullies the greater understanding of what is truly at hand. Timeghoul is a science fiction fantasy horror ride through time and space. From their only two demos, something vast was born. 1992’s Tumultuous Travelings and 1994’s Panaramic Twilight willingly bent what both death metal and metal itself was all about.

Panaramic Twilight

You can hear the distant echoing attempt in so many shitty bands trying to replicate this sound. To try to reproduce organic insanity with overdubbing and post effects is quite futile.

Timeghoul’s 1992-1994 Discography


That drumming though. From relentless grinding blasts to off time drumming. With Vocals that adapt to the chaos. Winding leads. Pummeling bass. Timeghoul really was just that. An echo, a specter, a revenant that shall never find it’s place in time. I firmly believe this band did not even know how good they actually were. Take the time to listen to the complexity and overall sheer intelligence that is Timeghoul.

I myself own the discography because I am a cheap bastard and I do not have the time to hunt these demo gems down. I suggest checking out Rain Wound and Gutspawn first.

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Listen to the sound of the pounding
battering rams