With Capcom’s almost bankruptcy followed by the surprising success of Street Fighter V and Resident Evil 7, they need to focus on new games. Capcom seems to have no problem rebooting Devil May Cry and sequencing that game to death, why not Onimusha? I really hoped that Samanoske would at least make it into a Marvel Vs Capcom, but hey just make a new one. Or simply just remaster the original.

Onimusha is a sick, hack and slash-Esque action RPG. The coolest thing about the game was that your weapons are your keys. Upgrading your weapons with the souls of fallen demons makes them powerful up to 3 levels. The weapons are spawned from orbs. There is a fire, thunder, and wind-based weapons.

The graphics are sick as f*** for its time (2001). The game has a feel like Resident Evil, static backgrounds with very fine detail. It is also pretty bloody as well, and the demons are also very detailed.

Onimusha is practically feudal Resident Evil. It feels like a very very very far fetched prequel to Resident Evil in a distant kind of way. It is a game worth the learning curve and play style to take the time to play.

If you like Resident Evil and Devil May Cry you will love this game. Onimusha is like if those two had a demonic zombie baby that has a bad ass samurai in it. I really hope Capcom remembers that a lot of people love this totally kick ass game. Don’t let this awesome title go to waste.

Final Thoughts:

Personally, I prefer this series to Devil May Cry and that is not saying that Devil May Cry is anywhere near being p*** poor. Onimusha just had a lot more feeling and atmosphere to it. Though they are honestly very similar in presentation and series development. Playing this game back in 2001 was a mind blowing experience.


Taking the time to get the final weapon is totally worth the asinine hassle. The hassle is a little crazy honestly.

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