At a time When wrestling was hotter than ever, the two top rival promotions were fighting for the biggest and baddest roided up guys. WCW had a different approach not only did they steal Vinny Mac’s top guys but they also started amassing smaller guys from all over. This brings me to the main topic that WCW had a stellar Cruiserweight division, compared to what WWE is producing now. Having the WWE network brings back a lot of guys I had forgotten about especially a lot of the cruiserweights. At a time when if you weren’t Hulk Hogan or in the NWO you couldn’t become famous or make it in WCW. That statement is by far true since just about ever cruiserweight in WCW was popular.

WCW had an abundance of smaller wrestlers who put on better shows than half the NWO. You can’t even get through the first hour of Nitro without half of it being the NWO theme but having the cruiserweights makes it easier to get through the NWO crap. Guys like La-Parka, Juventud Guerrera, Ultimo Dragon, Chavo Guerrero Jr, Eddie Guerrero, Chris Benoit(surprised WWE hasn’t scrubbed him from the network), Billy Kidman, and Rey Mysterio. Guys like Benoit and Eddie Guerrero went on to win heavyweight championships in WWE but it wasn’t until they bulked up. In WCW these guys were revolutionary because they were doing stuff that the top guys couldn’t do which made them jealous because they were becoming fan favorites. Get through a 3 hour Nitro with the aid of cruiserweights, because there skills sets were beyond matchable for the time. Moonsaults off the ropes, wicked frankinstiners, suicide dives, these moves among others is what set them apart from the top guys such as Hogan, Hall, and Nash. You weren’t going to tune in to see Hogan or Nash moonsaulting off the top rope IT WASN’T IN HOLLYWOODS REPERTOIRE BROTHER!!!!!!.

WCW showcased their talents by creating the cruiserweight title which was held by multiple WCW cruiserweights. Guys like Billy Kidman, Dean Malenko, Chris Jericho, and Eddie Guerrero were among others to hold the title. I showcase them over the others because of the success they brought to the title and because of the prominence, they hold in wrestling. You take any one of them in their heyday and stick them up against WWE’s current group of cruiserweights and there no comparison. Today’s guys may do more high flying flips but it was the WCW group who paved the way for smaller guys to make it in the business. In my Opinion, I’d much rather see La-Parka come out with a chair and attack people then watch a shitty Neville Promo in the ring. Talking about the King of the cruiserweight’s guy couldn’t stand a chance against a young Jericho or Eddie. WCW made cruiserweight wrestling fun because there were no restrictions it was part of the 3-hour show. With today’s cruiserweights there used as a way to bolster ratings which aren’t working out for WWE’s flagship show Raw and if your not a die hard wrestling fan you wouldn’t know who half the cruiserweights are. If the cruiserweights are to make any sort of blistering comeback they should take a page out of WCW’s book and allow more time for cruiserweights and should go raid Lucha Underground for high flying talent that does just that instead of promo’s.


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