Let me make it perfectly clear that I am an Attitude Kid. I grew up watching guys get belted with chairs every week, plunged through tables, and occasionally paralyzed like Droz. June 18th Money in the Bank 2017 was a pile of s***.

I can rant all day about what is wrong with every match but I’m gonna make this short and sweet. The main event was terrible. Here is why.

Here is why Money in The Bank sucked

The match starts with Baron Corbin knocking Nakamura out with an ambush. Ok, that was cool. Now the match takes a very repetitive motion that I have seen a million times. Everyone beats the s*** out of each other until two guys are standing.

Sounds ok right? WRONG!

There are 6 men in this match but at any given time after the first 5 minutes, there are only 2 guys active. Luckily, I like AJ Styles because he just carried the weight of the entire show on his shoulders. He was the man left standing throughout the entirety of the match. He fights everyone else. Kevin Owens, Dolph Ziggler, Baron Corbin, Shin Nakamura, and Sami Zayn.

So he does all the work then fights Shin, which should have been its own match, Then Baron Corbin runs in knocks them both off the ladder, climbs and wins. Now I would have no problem with this if… IT DIDN’T HAPPEN 6 OTHER TIMES THIS YEAR.

Every match in 2017 on every PPV that featured more than 3 people has had this exact same layout. 6 guys go in 2 guys do the work. Even the damn Royal Rumble of 2017 was like this.

I would believe it more if the reasons these guys were laid outside was brutal, but no, the only major bumps happened when Sami Zayn did a sunset powerbomb from the top of the ladder, when AJ fell from the briefcase and when AJ bombed Kevin Owens on a ladder. All of these events happened way after the gimmick started.

One good thing though, I am happy that Baron Corbin won


Remember about 10 years before Money in the Bank 2017 when you would see matches like this and everyone was beating the s*** out of each other, let’s go back to those days please, I never want to see this structure like Money in the Bank 2017 ever again.


Whatever happened to this? We need this back Vince McMahon and Triple H. If your guys are afraid of injury, then fire them! The New Generation of WWE is pretty god damn terrible.

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