As the years go on video game developers are captivated by the willingness of gamers to buy each year’s new game. This is more prevalent than ever with EA sports games and 2K sports games. This year 2K Sports is issuing another installment in its line of WWE wrestling games. Now, these games are modern and have sweet graphics almost as if you’re at a wrestling match. To be honest, though nothing will beat classic SNES RAW and Royal Rumble along with countless N64 games both in the WWF games, and WCW Games.

Each year 2K comes out with an increased roster plus most of the performers who were in previous years games except cough Hulk Hogan cough cough. 2K really grinds my gears because they charge normal PS4 and PS3 game prices but where they get you is in the DLC content. If you’ve ever been a modern wrestling game fan you mark out at the special characters that are including in the games such as previous years that included a returning Ultimate Warrior, and A never before seen in WWF/E Sting along with last years returning Goldberg. With that said in order to get theses guys, you had to pre-order or pay the DLC content price in order to enjoy them. This is a major bummer from the days when guys were all included in the game. 2K also tacks on a season pass which is roughly 25 extra dollars to get the legends pack, current years hall of fame pack, and the rising stars of NXT. I like the idea of playing the game to get guys even thought that maybe time-consuming it sure beats dishing out the extra 25 each year.

This year’s cover features Seth Rollin who beat the King Triple H at this year’s WrestleMania. I Think that Rollins isn’t a bad choice for the cover by when the WWE has a workhorse in AJ Styles why not place him on the cover since he’s made WWE worthwhile of late. I really doubt that any major changes in gameplay will happen, unless it’s for the ps4 as the latest ps3 ones have only had the roster updates no changes in universe mode. The only thing that 2K has kept its WWE series alive is the prospect of returning legends in the game and hall of fame characters who will be added from this past year’s induction ceremony. Not much more can be said about the game because it honestly changes very little from year to year, but expect it to be a hit for 2K SPORTS none the less.

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