Having put out the amazing mixing of unassociated musical fashions on Blind several years prior to Deliverance, how do they top it? Karl Agell retired in the vocal leading in 1993, being replaced with comparative beginner Pepper Keenan. Naturally, the creativity and sound of the band were destined to alter as they certainly did.

I enjoy Pepper Keenan along with his respective donations to Corrosion of Conformity and Down, I’d constantly wondered where this group could have ventured to if Keenan had not taken over the vacant frontman slot.
Though we had to suffer through the strange transition with Deliverance, Wiseblood would never have been born without this lineup shift.

When I first started researching C.O.C., Deliverance was the first album I listened to. I really could only get into the singles. It took me to listen to their earlier stuff to appreciate the b-sides.  Deliverance is NOT C.O.C’s cornerstone album.

Yes, the two “Clean My Wounds” and also “Albatross” were comparatively powerful at the mid-90’s, and also both are fantastic tunes to be a radio hit.

The largest differences are most evident with the new vocalist and brand new creative management. The gritty guitar audio is still adequate enough, and assists to accentuate the filthy Black Sabbath worship. Concerning vocal execution, Keenan typically belts out his typical reliable vocals. The huge problem here is that he can not help himself to a few gimmicks here and there.

Regardless of the misinformation and gimmicks that run wild on Deliverance, we do receive a notable share of above average tunes. “Heaven is not Overflowing” is quite a fantastic place to begin. The tune is memorable and also an instance of how great the band is when they put their mind to it, but it’s not an especially terrific song.

“Albatross” is much better

as is ” Clean My Wounds”

though I would argue that the latter is definitely the top of both on-air singles for this particular release.
The two “Broken Man”

and also “Senor Limpio”

function well as straight forward rock tracks.

Deliverance is not Corrosion of Conformity’s worst album, and I do not hate it. The problem is that this was their “sell-out” and exposure album. You cannot expect an album to have all the feels when they are trying to appeal to a mainstream crowd. All the while more so with a new singer.

Douche Loder’s Final Thought on Deliverance

Deliverance is an album that should be reserved for the fans. This is not an album to ever buy at full price. Get it used for 3 bucks or just ignore it all together. You don’t need to own it because it’s best tracks are played on the radio.
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