If you have been born and you play video games then you have played Mortal Kombat at some time in your life. The game is vastly superior in its Arcade format but what about the ports? Let’s cover the best port of them all. Mortal Kombat for Sega Genesis. TEST YOUR PATIENCE! MORTAL KOMBAT!!!!!!

Mortal Kombat is a tale of sorcerers and multi-realms. No, it is not a normal trip to the Renaissance Festival! The game revolves around a fighting tournament between realms. If your realm loses a set amount of time war and absorption happens to your realm. But this is the game before Shao Kahn and the story made more sense as the bad guy was just a normal lackey named Shang Tsung that looked like an extra from Big Trouble, Little China… wait a minute… that’s Raiden I am describing, nope wait, that is both of them I am describing. Anywho, the story does not quite matter as this game is the only one of the saga that truly lacks a good one.

I am going to break this game down into characters, audio, graphics and controls/gameplay.

Let’s move on to the characters and break them down. You can check out everyone’s moveset here.

Johnny Cage

The mandatory cocky a****** of the game. Johnny Cage is a movie star and acts like one. He is notable for his flashy moveset. He is loosly based on Jean-Claude Van Damme. Not sure if that nutpunch gave it away enough for you or not.

3/5 because that nutpunch is deadly


The weird looking half-faced Austrailian. He sells weapons for some reason to a whole realm that relies on using their fists as weapons… yep, you read that right. His adversary is Sonya because he killed someone or something that she likes or something.

2/5 as his moves are hard to pull off, unless you are the computer


Don’t ask me why his name is spelled differently in this game. The god of Thundaaaahh. I never was a fan of Raiden or Rayden or who cares what hisnamden is. I must say though Rayden is a beast if you can harness that lightning correctly


Liu Kang

Hey its Bruce… nope its Jacky… nope its just Liu Kang. Well Liu is kinda busted in a bad way in this game as his kick never connects for some reason. and no Bicycle Kick this time around.



The original hell spectre himself. Scorpion! GET OVER HERE! Scorpion is as raw as he ever was in the original Mortal Kombat



It’s the original, EVIL, Sub-Zero. The one that becomes Noob Saibot. He is pretty decent in this game if you can time that freeze on the AI well



The true hidden master of all Mortal Kombat, Sonya F’n Blade. Sonya kicks some serious ass in this game if you time her right with her busted ass leg grabs



Oh boy, if there is one thing that no one ever talks about with this game is the superb music. Each stage has a haunting track that is maddening. The atmosphere that is created by this masterful beauty of an OST is astounding. It feels like each lingering harmony is there to steal your soul if it were Shang Tsung himself!



Ok, so this is where the port both excels and falters at the same time. Where it falters is that the sprites seem sluggish at times. Some moves feel a bit slow and dim and some move perfectly. This is the issue with all ports from Arcade machines that were designed to only play one game and then mashing it into a little cartridge for a system designed to play many games. The funny thing is that sometimes the frametraps you create… feel just like Street Fighter V, no joke. Where the game excels in the graphics is the blood department. The SNES version does not have the infamous A,B,A,C,A,B,B cheat for availability ultimately rendering this gory port a cut above its counterpart.


Controls & Gameplay:

all right, I mentioned in the graphics section about the sluggish feeling, that comes across a lot in the controls. The moves sometimes do not register and the timing is ridiculously strict, but you get used to it, and I am sure by now all of you are.

Sometimes your character will get stuck in a frame with no way to get out except to stop moving altogether allowing your opponent to straight f*** you up. That is more of an issue than something that could ever be made purposefully, I am looking at you Street Fighter V.

Anyway, the gameplay is simple, you fight, win, move to the next one. Until you hit the endurance matches and the game gets serious. After that, you move onto the two bosses where I personally feel that Goro is the real boss of this game. But hey, it’s a fighting game, do you expect Metal Gear Solid?


Douche Loder’s Final Word:

I love Mortal Kombat. This is the second game I ever played in my life. The first being Sonic The Hedgehog 2. This game stands the test of time and should be played by everyone who truly enjoys video games. FINISH HIM! The only thing about this game is that it is too damn aggravating to play nowadays. I could beat this game when I was a Kid and now it kicks my ass as the AI learns you very quickly and has no problem showing you it wants to make you its b****. FATALITY!


  • Old School Legend
  • Hours of Fun
  • Gave us Video Game Violence


  • AI is way too damn good
  • Can’t unlock Goro
  • It finally comes to an end


Overall Rating


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