After another loss to the Bludgeon Brothers, the Hype Bros have finally broken up. This was the longest break up ever, and the worst paired team. Good workers but a non pushable gimmick that was style in pervious runs.

Ryder was being interviewed about their issues when Mojo attacked him from behind and beat the crap out of him signaling the end of the duo.
As for the Bludgeon Brothers, I’m glad Harper and Rowan are back and they work really well as a team, but I have a big issue with their new gimmick. The fact that Harper and Rowan have been around way too long to give them this gimmick and not have explain just beatdowns twice in two weeks. We’ve seen them as part of the Wyatt Family and as singles acts. How do we go from Wyatts, to walking around with huge hammers in the woods. A repackage like this deserves an explanation or sorts. Why are they back together, especially since last we saw they were feuding? Are they cosplaying as Kane? Just courious as to why should we accept the backwoods swamp dudes have suddenly become medieval hammer dudes?