2 Player First Attempt

Played By Douche Loder

Let’s Play Metal Slug Anthology: Metal Slug

I love some Metal Slug. These games are really fun. I grabbed a copy of Metal Slug Anthology’s PS4 port of the PS2 version and gave it a whirl like the old days.


Busting Games Episode 16: Arrow Flash

Arrow Flash, never heard of it until now. Let’s bust it open with cheats (more…)

Busting Games Episode 7: Can’t Bust Air Buster

Can't Bust Air Buster

Alrighty. I tried to bust this ridiculously hard game called Air Buster. The game refuses to be busted. After a few levels the game busted back


Busting Games Episode 25: Caliber .50

Caliber .50 is a tough cookie(I never f****** say that what the f*** is wrong with me?). Seriously though, I do not think you can even beat this game without cheats. Those lags on the game are caused by the number of f****** bullets on the screen. (more…)