First Attempt

Played by OCP

Let’s Play Metal Slug Anthology: Metal Slug

I love some Metal Slug. These games are really fun. I grabbed a copy of Metal Slug Anthology’s PS4 port of the PS2 version and gave it a whirl like the old days.


Busting Games Episode 22: Bio-Hazard Battle

Bio-hazard Battle is a very strange game where you play as insect bird things and remove a bio-hazard? I really have no idea what is going on here nor why the game is called Crying in Japan. Anywho let’s bust this motha b****! (more…)

Busting Games Episode 8: Trying to Bust Outlander

Trying to bust Outlander but it doesn’t seem to like cheats


Busting Games Episode 15: The Adventures of Batman & Robin

This is one frustrating customer of a game. This is an excruciatingly difficult game. Let’s bust some of The Adventures of Batman & Robin

Busting Games Episode 11: Last Battle

FIST OF TH… I mean Last Battle for Genesis is a fun game. It’s wickedly difficult though. The hardest parts of the game are the trap houses, and no I don’t mean a place that sells crack. Anywho let’s bust this f***** (more…)

Busting Games Episode 14: Golden Axe

I love me some Golden Axe but… I have never beat this game before. So let’s bust this b****!


Let’s Play Metal Slug Anthology: Metal Slug 4

Getting it cracking in Metal Slug 4 from Metal Slug Antholgy on PS4


Let’s Play Genesis Episode 29: T2: The Arcade Game

T2: The Arcade Game. This game is pretty easy up until a certain point…

First Attempt

Seriously, How the f*** am I supposed to save John Connor?