ArtistSol De Sangre
AlbumSol De Sangre
GenreDeath Metal
Record LabelBlack Market Metal
Release TypeFull Length
SOL DE SANGRE, a multi-country death metal project, emerges as a promising new death metal act with its self-titled debut album recorded in Spanish, the band’s native language.  Though Colombian-born, the band members are located in Australia, Canada, and the U.S.

The album features the classic death metal sound while presenting the band’s own spin with the vocal aggression of thrash and hardcore to grab everyone by the throat and spit on their faces. The album was mixed by Tomas Skogsberg (Entombed, Dismember, Grave) at Sunlight Studios in Stockholm, Sweden, and mastered by Toxic Holocaust’s Joel Grind (Power Trip, Cavalera Conspiracy). Featuring members/ex-members of well-known Colombian acts like HeadCrusher, Absolution Denied and Cromlech, SOL DE SANGRE succeeds in keeping the classic Death Metal sound alive.

Track List:

01 – Preludio – Los Andes
02 – Perros con Sarna
03 – Ratas
04 – La Feria del Chivo
05 – La Cosecha del Miedo
06 – Interludio – Purgatorio
07 – Sol de Sangre
08 – Muertos con Ojos Estallados
09 – Más Abajo del Infierno
10 – Sin Ley y Sin Dios
11 – Bienvenida Muerte Bienvenida (Cover Lluvia Negra)
12 – Coda- Llanos del Infierno
Album Credits:
Produced by: Rolando Ramos Torres.
Editing Engineering and additional Production by Gustavo Adolfo Valderrama at Electric Flow Sound Solutions,
Vancouver BC.
Mixed by Tomas Skogsberg at Sunlight Studios Stockholm, Sweden.
Mastered by Joel Grind Portland, Oregon.
Drums recorded at 60 DB Studios, Medellin- Colombia by Alex Betancur and Yasser Orozco. Performed by
Mauricio Londoño.
Guitars and bass recorded and performed at La Cueva estudios, Bogota Colombia by Rolando Ramos Torres.
Vocals recorded and performed at Buziraco’s Lair by Kike Valderrama.
Reamping guitars by Gustavo Adolfo Valderrama at Rain City Recorders, Vancouver BC.
Artwork: Gonzalo Restrepo

Sol de Sangre is:
Rolando Ramos Torres: Guitar
Gonzalo Restrepo: Drums
Gustavo Valderrama: Bass
Kike Valderrama: Vocals

“Excellent work, sounds very pro! Solid sound, very good production and what better in infamous Spanish.”
– Alvaro Lillo Sepulveda (Watain, Undercroft)
“Fury, speed, elaborated strings that feel like lashes on the backs of the condemned. This new super band promises to break necks.” – Noisey en Español
“A goddamn massive tank attack of death. The pile-driving grooves are heavy enough to fracture concrete, and when the song is in full-on juggernaut mode it’s obliterating. It’s grisly and gruesome, with great melodic leads to go along with those titanic bass notes, head-battering drum beats, and destructive riffs.” –

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