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Truck vs Doctor’s Office

Truck vs Doctor’s Office

Shocking surveillance video shows a truck crashing through an eye doctor’s office in Jackson, Mississippi.

Thankfully, no one was seriously injured.


I am not really sure what is going on here, but hey this is the sport the world doesn’t know it needs. This is a Russian slapping championship.


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Kia Fire Epidemic; State to State Kia Fires

There have been countless fires between Kia and parent-company Hyundai automobiles. One of these near-death fires occurred in Central Virginia.

Belcher says it just took approximately five minutes prior to his car was engulfed in flames.

The identical thing occurred in Orlando.


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Fake Cop Arrested in Missouri

It is the law once you see flashing lights that you want to proceed. 1 motorist in St. Charles made a decision to make the most of the law by installing blue and red flashing lights on his car, together with a car or truck. The defendant was recognized as 25-year-old Michael Wallace.

“You can not only have a random person out there working with lights and sirens driving and 90 mph down the street; it is only dangerous to the general public,” explained Sgt. David Horton, St. Charles Police Department.


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12 Year Old Harassed By Cops for Mowing Lawn

A boy at Maple Heights is operating his own company that summer cutting yards and cleaning yards up.

With many helping hands from his cousins, sisters and brothers, they’re up with the sunlight daily working the area.

That is exactly what they were doing when somebody named Maple Heights authorities .

“They said I had been cutting their grass. I didn’t understand it!” Reggie stated.



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13-Year-Old Boy Who ‘Ran Home Crying’ After Firing Crossbow Is Now Being Charged With First-Degree Murder

On October 21, a 13-year-old Oklahoma boy was playing out with his two buddies when he removed a crossbow. Based on CBS News, the 10-year-old that he had been using, Austin Almanza, was hit by the arrow until it pierced the next boy, Austin’s 8-year-old brother, from the arm.

The incident happened just outside of Oklahoma City at a little city named Chandler and is currently gaining nationwide attention after police charged the 13-year-old as a grownup using first-degree murder. It needs to be noted that the boy’s identity remains being kept anonymous on account of the chance his bill could be reduced to juvenile.

CBS News reported that the young teen states it was an accident. Nevertheless the living 8-year-old boy allegedly testified to another narrative.

That is when the 13-year-old supposedly grew mad and dismissed a crossbow.

An employee of the victim and survivor, according to CBS News, told authorities he had been within earshot of their killing and he discovered the 13-year-old boy state:


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Karlmann King Is The World’s Most Expensive SUV

Well, then your pursuit should finish in the Karlmann King, the world’s priciest SUV ever! It’s been made by a Chinese firm named IAT and has been assembled by a European group that comprises of over 1,800 individuals. The business states it is going to build just 12 units of this Karlmann King however we don’t know whether all of the versions have already been sold or booked. It was first exhibited at the Dubai International Motor Show at 2017.

In the event you would like your SUV to become bullet-proof; the burden could go around a huge 6,000 kg. Underneath the hood is a huge 6.8-litre V10, by the Ford F-550 itself. The motor churns out near 400 bhp, a bit less for something which weighs 4.5 tonnes. This clarifies the lowly top rate of just 140 kmph!


11-year-old driving alone at night killed in crash

Louisiana State Police say an 11-year-old has expired after the speeding pickup truck he was driving hit a tree.

Trooper Glenn Younger says in a news release that just Clark James Davis was in the 1993 Ford Ranger if it moved off Louisiana Highway 802 roughly 4:15 a.m. Saturday in Webster Parish, approximately 5 miles (8 km) south of the Arkansas state line.


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Beatdown between customers, manager at Midtown IHOP

A midnight visit to IHOP finished in punches, dishes and chairs thrown following a worker requested a group of clients to maintain it down, authorities state.

According to authorities, a supervisor asked a rowdy celebration of five to depart once they refused to quiet down. He told authorities that the team got up and began walking toward the door when yelling.


This Car Is Powered By Salt Water: 920HP, Top Speed 217.5 MPH, 373 Miles/Tank

No, this isn’t a “run your vehicle on water” strategy, it is really real technology that has been in the works for ages.

A European firm called Nanoflowcell has produced a way to run a vehicle on salt. Well, perhaps not YOUR automobile but A vehicle. No hybridvehicle, no fossil fuel, zero emissions aside from water vapor. On paper the business boasts this particular car to put out over 900 HP from 4 electrical motors powered by this flow battery. The slick design also makes the automobile competitive with sport cars and electric automobiles equally. But past aesthetics, the Quant also demonstrates its value in functionality. As a bonus, it is also coated with a comprehensive membrane of solar power collecting cells and electricity regenerating brakes to assist produce as much energy as possible … and the list continues. You may check out a video in the provider here.



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Aston Martin Revives Lagonda Luxury With a Radical Electric Sedan

Aston Martin introduced the brand new Lagonda Vision Concept at the Geneva Auto Show, an all-electric sedan which heralds the resurrection of this particular, high-end Lagonda lineup that’s been all but extinct for at least two decades.

Palmer did not give many specifics about the new automobile, which, after all, is a conceptual practice, however he did state the Vision Concept will get 400 miles on a single charge–sufficient to drive from Los Angeles to San Francisco in a single sitting. It’ll have self-driving capacity and zero emissions.

Indoors, it seats four on seats that swivel back and forth, and a steering wheel which goes from side to side or disappears entirely. The cottage is outfitted in British silk, wool, and cashmere.

“It is supposed to feel like going to the Concorde from initial course,” Palmer says. Generation at the 114-year-old Lagonda manufacturer will start by 2021 in the organization’s mill in Wales; another version may arrive at 2023. Lagonda made a brief reappearance using a limited-run $1 million version in 2015, however, the marque has been dormant.


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