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Starrcade 1983: A Flare for the Gold Review

Starrcade 1983: A Flare for the Gold ReviewScore 56%Score 56%

The series just kinda begins. No intro, no video, no nothing. That is really bizarre, however somewhat refreshing. Anyhow, there’s not any dillydallying; we proceed straight to…

Match 1

The Masked Assassins

Bugsy McGraw

Rufus R. “Freight Train” Jones

Allow me to just say these titles are great. Bugsy McGraw?! I need them to be my title. This game was quite standard, but enjoyable. Not one of those men were in that great of shape, and nobody was actually all that GOOD, but it had been enjoyable. Rufus and Bugsy played great faces, and their dance got the audience excited. The Assassins were each heel you have ever noticed, and they had been decent. There was nothing very wrong with this game; somewhat sloppy and dull, however fine.

We visit Tony Schiavone backstage in Ric Flair’s locker area. This appears to be the first time interviews are backstage. Tony hypes these interviews large time, and possesses the principal event. Reasonable enough. Next is…

Match 2

Johnny Weaver

Scott McGhee

Kevin Sullivan

Mark Lewin

Another arbitrary undercard label game. I am curious to see youthful Kevin Sullivan, but aside from that, this does not appear too interesting. There were a couple of nifty sequences, but the two heat segments absolutely murdered the flow. Additionally, the end was a real anticlimax. It may have been worse.

Gary Hart provides the heels a weapon, and they beat the faces down. Angelo Mosca comes out, gets struck by the item, and yet is still able to chase off the heels. Eh.

Barbary Clary asks some lovers they believe will win the primary event and all of them state Ric Flair FTW.

Tony Schiavone is backstage back, now in Harley Race’s dressing area. Race cuts a fantastic promo, stating he learned from his friends that Flair is damaging, so he’ll hit Flair in which it hurts.

Match 3

Carlos Colon

Abdullah The Butcher

Even the announcers hyped this a bit last game, stating it was so barbarous that Puerto Rico banned this game from occurring. So Carlos came all the way into the mainland to combat Abdullah. Colon utilizes a weapon Abdullah dropped to find vengeance of some type. The referee becomes annihilated in hilarious manner by Abdullah kicking from a pin, starting Carlos on the ref, then elbow dropping the ref. Abdullah wins through external interference in a stage four. This was rather meh.

Tony Schiavone is backstage with Angelo Mosca. He yells about the “anger of the spike” and saying Kevin Sullivan & Mark Lewin are dicks for attacking a 21-year-old boy. Then he says Flair will win the primary event. Very nice promo. I’m surprised!

Barbary Clary asks some more fans who’ll win the primary event. They stated Ric Flair. Next is…

Match 4

“Chief” Wahoo McDaniel

Mark Youngblood

D*** Slater

“Cowboy” Bob Orton Jr

This match was pretty damn great! It had been some wonderful technical wrestling ancient, but two heating segments followed, which isn’t appreciated. While I’m not fond of warmth segments in any way, these were nicely done, largely since Youngblood was totally incredible in taking a beating. During this game, he was amazing; he teased comebacks, had arousing crime, and kept up the pace. Wahoo appeared somewhat past his prime, nevertheless, along with the game dragged somewhat when he was. I did like this, however, and it’s the best game of the series up to now.

Wahoo is a d*** and beats the heels up (who won sterile) following the game. WHAT A Fantastic FACE! The heels hold his arm beneath the bottom rope and then dip the surface to “injure” the arm. He began it.

Tony interviews Ric and Ric cuts a fairly decent positive face voucher. Jay Youngblood aimlessly wanders through a voucher ahead of Ricky Steamboat happily cuts off him and finishes it.

Barbary Clary is from the viewer with Dusty Rhodes. The sound cuts in and out, but from everything I noticed, the voucher sounded great.

Match 5

Charlie Brown

The Great Kabuki

TV Title Match – Title vs. Mask

Allow me to offer you an overview of the match. Punch, punch, punch, sleeper, sleeper, claw, claw, claw, punch, kick, punch, kick, knee, pin. This was really basic and was basically 1 enormous heating section. The claws were dull and the sleepers additional nothing. It was a below average brawl without a really persuasive. The audience liked it.

The announcers interview Dude Walker, also he states Ric Flair works hard and will win the primary event.

Bob Orton and D*** Slater discuss attempting to extract Flair for Rush and cash-money. They state Race is hard and will triumph. Race states, Orton, and Slater will split Flair’s neck and finish him

Barbary Clary is back with Dusty Rhodes and the microphone really functions. Dusty struggles the winner of this game and says he believes that Hurry can not lose. This results in…

Match 6

“Rowdy” Roddy Piper

Greg Valentine

Non-Title Match – Dog Collar Match

This was not the most complicated match concerning holds, but there were two crucial aspects which make this excellent, psychology and intensity. Both men seemed like they loathed each other, and wished to maim another. What lots of bad brawls shortage is that the sensation of true hatred which produces the stains thing, but that was not an issue. Every place, in the choking, into the brawling on the ground, with of the creative uses of this series, was stuffed to the brim with hatred. Roddy subsequently managed to battle back from beneath in quite convincing manner. The end was somewhat of an anticlimax, and the game was somewhat slow and goofy for its first couple of moments, but also the brutality and imagination from both these legends must be praised.

This match is so barbarous that Roddy Piper’s equilibrium and hearing was ruined for real. That’s dedication.

What a fantastic heel! The ref finally breaks up it, however, the brawl persists. Greg defeats Piper down and leaves him in the ring. This results in one of the greatest shots in wrestling in which Piper swings the chain on his head as the crowd goes mad. I really like it. So excellent.

He says he’s ready, prepared to resist Rush, and then win the belt. Wahoo states he worked hard with coaching Flair, and he’d bet all of his money on Flair. Adequate promo.

Barbary Clary is at the crowd, also interviews Don Kernodle, that states that Steamboat and Youngblood are excellent, and he wishes to watch Flair win the gold. This results in…

Match 7

Jack & Jerry Brisco

Ricky Steamboat & Jay Youngblood

NWA World tag Team Title Match – Titles Can Change Hands Due to DQ

Ricky Steamboat is absolutely jacked in this match. Jeez! This match was pretty damn good. I really enjoyed it ; there was solid, if unspectacular, tag psychology, and nearly everything was implemented well. The heat was a bit slow for my taste, however the technical wrestling and the terrific double-teams more than compensate for it.

The crowd pops enormous for the name change, however, the heels beat the faces up (which has occurred in virtually every game). Angelo makes the rescue, however, ’cause he is a badass, along with the faces wash out the ring. Really fantastic section.

This raises the issue, was that the dressing room complete when Ric shifted? Was Schiavone there carrying a micophone the entire time? Was the camera ready to begin rolling the entire time? Charlie Brown comes in, cries about bringing the belt into the folks leaves. He could suck it. Roddy is backstage and dismisses an wonderful promo about his feud with Valentine. The revolving door proceeds when Steamboat and Youngblood cut a voucher. Steamboat saves it using a fairly good promo regarding the group adapting to fashions and overcoming adversity. Alright.

Barbary Clary is at ringside with a few folks and Dusty. He rambles a little before requesting the 3 women who they believe will triumph.

Seriously they forgot simply did not need to flip on the lights. The microphone shorts out several times, which is amusing because they simply ran the credits and commended the prod staff. James sucked in singing, and it is a pity for him. Ultimately, we get into our MAIN EVENT!

Match 8

Ric Flair

Harley Race

NWA World Heavyweight Championship Match – Steel Cage Match

This Flair entry is now iconic. It is just a very wonderful shot, using a rabid audience surrounding the positive Flair. The audience is HOT!

It’s a real big struggle sense, and is among the most significant games of all time. The same as with the rest of the series, there’s a passing of the torch from the old guard into the new protector here, since the focus shifts to the future. This is a critical moment in wrestling, also among the biggest games in NWA history.

This game was somewhat disappointing, but pretty damn great. The speed was slow, however, the narrative of Hurry moving after the neck has been nicely done. These men established their functions early, with Hurry functioning as the positive, wily heel, whilst Flair is your fiery, youthful face. Rush beat the hell out of Flair to get a solid 10 minutes and then brutalized the throat at the procedure. Flair’s comeback was great, and that I loved when Flair got revenge by utilizing the piledriver and slamming on Hurry’s head to the cage. I really do feel this game did go too long, however, because both men were tired in the subsequent phases. The selling of this fatigue was fantastic, but it was a little long-winded and direct to a sloppiness. Rather, this is only very good.

Flair celebrates together with the name as well as the faces (such as ANGELO MOSCA) congratulate Flair. The torch was passed from 1 generation to another. Flair’s spouse enters and they observe together too. Flair dismisses a Coupon voucher thanking everybody and saying how large a minute this is because of him. He thanks everybody and states this is the best night of the nighttime. What a fantastic section in general.

Everybody sees and pours champagne. Dusty Rhodes comes in and informs Flair he has challenged him.

After 20 more minutes of talking and interviews, we’re finally performed by Gordon Solie and Bob Caulde. A video package highlighting the display plays along with the series finishes.

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Starrcade 1983: A Flare for the Gold Review

The series just kinda begins. No intro, no video, no nothing. That is really bizarre, however somewhat refreshing. Anyhow, there's not any dillydallying; we proceed straight to... Match 1 The Masked Assassins Bugsy McGraw Rufus R. “Freight...

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Starrcade 1983


Final Word This series was really fun all around. The undercard was not very great, but we have a good tag match from it. The past few games were really excellent. Piper vs. Valentine was a totally amazing brawl, the tag title match was clear and worked, and Race vs. Flair was a wonderful cage game. I can not call it good, because the first half was not any good in any way, but the ending brings up the rating above ordinary. The final thing I'll say is, this was damn fun!

The Masked Assassins vs. Bugsy McGraw & Rufus R. “Freight Train” Jones
Johnny Weaver & Scott McGhee vs. Kevin Sullivan & Mark Lewin
Carlos Colon vs. Abdullah the Butcher
“Chief” Wahoo McDaniel & Mark Youngblood vs. Dick Slater &“Cowboy” Bob Orton Jr.
Charlie Brown (Seriously?) vs. The Great Kabuki (c.) – TV Title Match – Title vs. Mask
“Rowdy” Roddy Piper vs. Greg Valentine – Non-Title Match – Dog Collar Match
Jack & Jerry Brisco (c.) vs. Ricky Steamboat & Jay Youngblood
Ric Flair vs. Harley Race

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