LawBreakers’ functionality has failed to fulfill Boss Key’s expectations, so the development group is changing the game’s version to free-to-play.

In light of the studio is moving into a free-to-play version and Boss Key has started development on a new “fire job.”

“The team has worked hard on [LawBreakers] within the previous three and a half years as well as our studio has been decided to provide this game the next life that it deserves,” and “while some pivot to free-to-play might look like simplest change to make,” the programmer says, “a change of this size requires publishing resources and planning.”

Between now and as soon as the shift to LawBreakers happens, Boss Key has started development on a new sport. “We’ll continue to encourage [LawBreakers] in its existing condition, but we also should concentrate on additional endeavors with new creative leaders”

The statement continues, “we’ve been focusing on something fresh and we can not wait to discuss more about it” The group describes the new sport as “a passion job” they’re “in full control of.” Boss Key endings by devoting players to get their “continuing patience and understanding.”