Following the enormous success of A Silent Place in the box office last weekend, manager John Krasinski has lined up his next job.

Based on The Hollywood Reporter, Krasinski’s next movie will be a sci-fi thriller Named Life on Mars and according to Cecil Castellucci’s short story, We Have Always Lived on Mars. When among those descendants finds she could breathe the atmosphere on Mars, her life changes forever.

As of this moment, Krasinski isn’t expected to star in the movie, and no author was declared. Krasinski will create alongside Michael Bay, who also created A Silent location. Paramount, which spread A Quiet location, is circling the undertaking.

By earning over $50 million at the box office last weekend, A Silent Position scored the second largest national launch of the entire year, after February’s Dark Panther.

Krasinski stars along with his spouse Emily Blunt from the horror film. Talking about the film, Blunt told IGN that Krasinski “wished to make an experience, more than he wished to make a movie, and it felt just like this [in the premiere].