Free-to-play monster searching RPG Dauntless will start its open beta on May 24, 2018, programmer Phoenix Labs announced now.

While Dauntless will be liberated as it enters open beta, in addition to if it formally releases closed beta accessibility was behind a paywall since last September in the kind of three Creator’s Packs, the least expensive of which costs $40. These packs will no more be available for purchase after the open beta starts.

You perform as a Slayer and search Behemoths, picking parts for brand new gear out of their carcasses. As you are able to hunt independently, hunts are made to be performed in groups of four.

Dauntless has obtained several significant updates because its closed beta started. Last December, its greatest upgrade yet, Frostfall, included two brand new Behemoths and reworked multiple core programs including design and crafting customization. The upgrade was a part of our appearance at the matches to see in 2018.