DeveloperArc System Works
PublisherBandai Namco Games
SeriesDragon Ball
PreviousDragon Ball Heroes: Ultimate Mission X
  • Microsoft Windows
  • PlayStation 4
  • Xbox One
Genre2D Fighter


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Dragon Ball FighterZ is one of those titles that pretty much came out of nowhere, that no one really expected to be quite as good as they anticipated. Despite being the first 2D Dragon Ball fighting game in some time, FighterZ really hit it out of the park back on its release at the end of January 2018. Complete with all of the expected Dragon Ball flair a fan of the series would expect, FighterZ is an astounding fighting game in this day and age and shouldn’t be missed.

Let’s start off with the most striking part of the entire game and that’s the visuals and the exuberant amount of flair they pull off. Just by watching a few minutes of footage in this game and you’ll quickly come to the realisation that both playing and watching this game is like seeing an epic fight scene from the Dragon Ball anime itself. The colours are perfect, the action is over the top, and every element of visual flair practically screams Dragon Ball. This is definitely a style the developers could have got very wrong, and yet they managed to do the complete opposite instead!

Moving onto the most important part of any game, especially any fighting game, the gameplay. As far as fighting games go, FighterZ has a very solid system of mechanics for any player to pick up and play without too much worry or concern. Just like a lot of fighting games nowadays, it has an auto-combo system in place where you can tap the same button a few times to pull off a simple combo. This simple combo is easy to string together a few more hits with after you start to get to grips with the gameplay and makes pulling combos off relatively easily, without lowering the skill gap. While a novice player can play without having to worry about every little nuance in the game; a more serious player has plenty of different mechanics to keep in mind while playing to get the sort of depth they might be looking for in a fighter.

When it comes to FighterZ, there is a lot to love, but one scathing problem a lot of people seem to be having with the game is down to the roster selection. A great aspect of the roster is some of the fan favourites, such as Goku, Vegeta, Gohan, and many others, but at the same time, they have 3 different versions of Goku. While they do play differently from one another, having 3 versions of the same exact character with a few changes here and there is not all that entertaining.

Overall, FighterZ may have a couple of issues with its roster, but the rest of the game is a very solid and enjoyable fighting game experience. Visually, it looks as if you are watching an episode of Dragon Ball Z right then and there and the gameplay loop for each match is incredibly addictive. There’s a little something for everyone in this game, regardless on whether or not you see yourself as a beginner or a veteran of the genre and makes it that much easier to recommend.

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