Only a couple weeks before the trial had been set to start, former NASCAR celebrity Tony Stewart finished a wrongful death litigation which was happening for over two decades.

The trial, which was set to start on May 7th, 2018 — has been the result of continuing litigation between Stewart and the family of Kevin Ward Jr.. Stewart stood accused of flying to Ward through a sprint car race a collision which claimed the life span of this 20-year-old.


Stewart was cleared of any criminal wrongdoing in courtroom following a grand jury ruled to not indict him on manslaughter charges. After their conclusion, the Ward family filed a civil suit in federal court.

Stewart’s lawyers had sought to get parts of the event dismissed and filed motions to support his petition, however, the judge ruled that the civil case can move ahead responsibly. On the cusp of a jury trial, it seems that both sides have reached a deal in the topic.

Based on ESPN, U.S. District Court Judge David Hurd has put a date for a settlement hearing April 12th — to place the conditions of the settlement on public document. The settlement will probably put a stop to the civil lawsuit that accuses Stewart of death — and it is highly probable that the particular terms and conditions of the arrangement will be kept confidential within the settlement conditions.

Following the episode, the Ward family talked publicly about their perspectives on the episode — and sat down with ABC News for a meeting.