A brand new feature is now in testing around the Overwatch PTR.

Overwatch players will shortly have the choice to prevent certain players as mates as a result of a different feature.

Inside, Overwatch manager Jeff Kaplan clarified the feature makes it possible for a participant to prevent up to others that are annoying or bothersome, but not sufficient to justify hitting the report.

A similar system known as “Prevent this Player” has been pulled two or three years back, since Overwatch players had been abusing the characteristic to block other people that were too great in the game.

“When you choose someone to be averted, they’ll be prevented for seven days concerning placing them on your group,” Kaplan explained. “Occasionally you will still find that individual on the opposite group, but they should not be place to function as teammate.

“In the end of seven days, they’ll fall off the Prevent as Teammate listing. It is possible to add them into the list, however you’ll just have two slots. You’ll need to be a bit mindful of the way you handle the listing.”


Kaplan said the feature will be convenient for people who feel frustrated with others during a game. This may result in an annoyance, but it is not offensive enough to get a report.

Prevent as Teammate may also be utilized as a substitute after reporting a different participant for a worthy crime.

“There is the possibility that this will cause more queue times when locating a game,” he explained. “It is highly unlikely in the center ability tiers, but it’s possible at levels such as Grand Master in smaller areas throughout hours.

Kaplan went on to state that there are strategies in place to track the attribute. In the event the Overwatch team believes it could open up the machine to add over just two slots, then it “surely will.”

Blizzard are also keeping an eye on match equity to be sure the matchmaking process is functioning as planned. It does not need to have the Prevent as Teammate method to create any difficulties with developing a fantastic match.

In extreme situations, if a participant has been averted by a high number of Overwatch players, then a warning will be displayed upon logging into.

The objective of the warning would be to inform the participant of this circumstance, providing them an chance to alter their behaviour throughout the seven day period. This may also cause more queuing times for your much-avoided player.

Kaplan stated the best thing to do in this circumstance is to create a group and attempt to discover a game to prevent long queue times.