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13-Year-Old Boy Who ‘Ran Home Crying’ After Firing Crossbow Is Now Being Charged With First-Degree Murder

On October 21, a 13-year-old Oklahoma boy was playing out with his two buddies when he removed a crossbow. Based on CBS News, the 10-year-old that he had been using, Austin Almanza, was hit by the arrow until it pierced the next boy, Austin’s 8-year-old brother, from the arm.

The incident happened just outside of Oklahoma City at a little city named Chandler and is currently gaining nationwide attention after police charged the 13-year-old as a grownup using first-degree murder. It needs to be noted that the boy’s identity remains being kept anonymous on account of the chance his bill could be reduced to juvenile.

CBS News reported that the young teen states it was an accident. Nevertheless the living 8-year-old boy allegedly testified to another narrative.

That is when the 13-year-old supposedly grew mad and dismissed a crossbow.

An employee of the victim and survivor, according to CBS News, told authorities he had been within earshot of their killing and he discovered the 13-year-old boy state:

“I think I murdered him accidentally”

Lincoln County Sheriff Charles Dougherty also has said Austin’s departure was not “due to an accident,” according to CBS News.

The teenager was released from prison on a $130,000 bond and is presently residing with a GPS track, a 8 pm curfew, and no contact with the sufferer’s family.

Last week, an Oklahoma judge ordered that the 13-year-old to experience a mental evaluation to establish just how just his case should move.

What era decides criminal culpability? What age is too young to completely comprehend murder? Even though it’s still uncertain what the results of his emotional evaluation is going to be, the question remains whether kids could be charged as adults.

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