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Was The Greatest Royal Rumble Even Worth It?

Was The Greatest Royal Rumble Even Worth It?

Foreign events in WWE are notorious for being lackluster. Lackluster may be a bit harsh, but you know no (important) belt is going to change hands. Never once has a belt changed hands on foreign soil once in the history of WWE, outside of Canada obviously ala Montreal Screwjob. What did WWE hope to achieve with The Greatest Royal Rumble? Did you enjoy it?

Also, the biggest blunder of this entire event is simply the lack of the women’s division. The women of WWE have been busting their asses in the past year or so trying to make it something honorable. Well, every woman that works for WWE just got slapped in the face having their place of employment travel to one of the most female oppressive places on planet earth, Saudi Arabia. They weren’t even allowed screen time. What an amazing step forward in the wrong direction for their strive for equality.

And seriously STOP F****** PUSHING RUSEV, the guy sucks. Jericho should have had that match, maybe then it wouldn’t have been a squash match

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