SeriesMonster Hunter
PreviousMonster Hunter Generations Ultimate
  • Microsoft Windows
  • PlayStation 4
  • Xbox One
GenreAction RPG


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Up until the release of Monster Hunter: World, the Monster Hunter franchise was a confusing situation. Here was this great series of games and ideas, and almost all of them were exclusively made for handheld consoles, despite having so much incredible depth in them. That’s why when they finally stated that they were bringing the series to PC and console, everyone was pretty pleased with the news. Now, we could all go out and hunt down some terrifying beasts and creatures; all while in a resolution that didn’t require you to be 2” away from the screen in spectacular monster slaying action.

When it comes to the story in Monster Hunter: World, there isn’t all that much reasoning behind it. You start off the game travelling on the open seas, before being attacked by a monster as big as an entire mountain. Once this whole opening scene concludes, you’re thrust into partaking in these monster hunting quests if you want to be a productive member of the village. Before too long, you’ll quickly forget all about the story as there isn’t much to worry about. At the end of the day, this franchise is known for its scathing monsters and the unique ways in which you tackle them; not to partake in an interesting narrative.

Combat and the general gameplay loop is the reason to stick around in this game and it’s just like the previous games: find big monster, kill big monster to harvest its corpse, use those resources to build epic new gear, and then the whole cycle begins anew. In any other action hack and slash title this would probably become redundant after long enough, but Monster Hunter manages to keep it refreshing and addictive from beginning to end; if you consider the game ever complete. Monster Hunter: World you can easily lose hundreds of hours in, and that’s all thanks to the combat. The combat is not only solid, varied, and controls well, but is incredibly satisfying when you get it right. Perfectly timing a strike in this game is the very definition of satisfying and it never really seems to get all that dull.

Something that shouldn’t come as much of a surprise is the incredible amount of detailed work that went into the monsters for this game. Every single one of them, even the ones that you might spend a couple of quests on at most have such detail implemented into their design. Regardless of how difficult a creature’s name might be to remember, the visuals on them is bound to keep them fresh in your memory.

Overall, Monster Hunter: World is the exact Monster Hunter title fans of the series have been waiting so long for. The monsters, environments, gameplay, and combat are all excellent and leads to a game that you won’t want to put down for a considerable amount of time, that’s for sure; making it an easy one to recommend for anyone interested!

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