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It seems Nintendo are sticking to what they do best and making more exclusives for their beloved console, the Nintendo Switch, this time in the form of the pink bouncy ball that is Kirby. This fellow hasn’t exactly received the same amount of love as Zelda, Link, and Mario, but Kirby has been a beloved member of the Nintendo family for quite some time, and it only seems fair that he got his own exclusive for the Switch. For anyone looking for a great Kirby game to play with a friend, then Star Allies just might be for you!

Kirby games may all have a story, but they aren’t exactly the most interesting and the same can be said for Kirby: Star Allies. Simply put, a dark, crystal heart explodes due to some strange ritual and the remnants of the shattered pieces land on Kirby’s home planet. Many of Kirby’s friends and villains investigate the fragments and cause them to act strange, with the exception of Kirby who can now befriend his enemies by throwing hearts at them. While it is a cute idea, overall, the story doesn’t go anywhere interesting and quickly becomes a side thought when you hop into the gameplay for the first time.

With a name like Star Allies, it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that the game revolves around cooperative play, preferably with another person. Although, if you are playing the game alone, you’re given an AI partner, but they aren’t exactly the most reliable a lot of the time and create more frustrations than anything else. Going back to the gameplay, it’s pretty classic Kirby action. You control Kirby and travel to the end of the stage in a 2.5D perspective in good old fashion platformer action. Throughout these stages, you’re bound to come across an enemy you want to befriend, so by throwing a heart at them your friend or AI companion can chime in and play as well.

Visually, the game is designed to be very colourful and very bright, but that’s a staple of the Kirby games. If the game was lacking this level of colour it would be a whole different game. All of the stages and characters in the game look great and play perfectly well on the Nintendo Switch, without any real issues. One gripe some people might find with the visual style, however is just how cutesy and childish it can be in some areas, but then again, Kirby is a franchise that is designed to be accessible for anyone and everyone.

Overall, Kirby: Star Allies definitely has its flaws in the uninteresting story, the somewhat foolish and frustrating AI, and depending on the individual – potentially childish visual style – the game is still a solid platformer all the same. Kirby: Star Allies is a game that isn’t worth recommending if you’re going to play it alone, but by playing with a friend or two, then you’ve definitely got a good afternoon ahead of you with this game.

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