SeriesStreet Fighter
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  • Microsoft Windows
  • PlayStation 4
Genre2D Fighter


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Capcom have been making new additions to the Street Fighter franchise for over 20 years now and yet the fanbase only ever seems to be growing. Even though this fighting game had its ups and serious downs at its initial release, Capcom eventually put the work in enough to make a fighting game that no fighting game fan should be without. There’s a lot to learn in this game, as well as enjoy, and if you can look past its previous mistakes, you’ll find a new fighting game to lose plenty of time in if you’re not careful.

Starting with the visuals, Street Fighter V uses a lot of the same visual style that Street Fighter IV used back when it came out. Instead of opting for a solely 2D fighting game with sprites, Capcom have used 3D models in a 3D space, however, those models fight side-on inside of a 2D plane. While it might be a simple trick, it’s one that works well and really brings the visuals to pop. With just one glance, you know exactly the character you’re up against and the stage that you’re playing on. Plus, not to mention how bright and colourful most of the aesthetics truly are, but that’s a continuing theme from some of the previous Street Fighter games at this point.

For the gameplay, depending on the player it can be considered a hit or miss. For the more casual player, the gameplay mechanics in the game are all relatively simple and easy to understand. Hell, even some of the regular combos you would use in this game are pretty easy to get to grips with for a beginner; at least in comparison to some other fighting games. On the flipside, however, this “dumbing down” nature of the game has left the title somewhat alienated from its more veteran fans. Being able to pull off considerably easier moves than any other Street Fighter game feels as if some of the skill has been taken out of the game and can really leave a bad taste in your mouth if you aren’t quite expecting it.

As with any fighting game, the roster requires to be mentioned at least once and in regard to Street Fighter V, it’s safe to say it’s doing pretty well for itself. The game has a lot of classic characters to pick from, along with some new faces we’ve never seen before, and even some returning fighters from previous games. A nice feature of the roster is the fact that it’s not quite done yet. Even now, Capcom are putting work into their next character for the game and expanding the roster once again, leading to even more characters to pick from.

Overall, Street Fighter V had some problems initially, but the developers seemed to have rectified a lot of their original mistakes. When it comes to the visuals, the game looks good and feels good on all platforms and plays just as well as you might expect. The only real damper is the lack of depth the game seems to exude for more veteran players and a hardcore fan of the franchise might see the game being a little too dumbed down for their taste, but that hasn’t stopped the game from being a fun fighter all the same.

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