A boy at Maple Heights is operating his own company that summer cutting yards and cleaning yards up.

With many helping hands from his cousins, sisters and brothers, they’re up with the sunlight daily working the area.

That is exactly what they were doing when somebody named Maple Heights authorities .

“They said I had been cutting their grass. I didn’t understand it!” Reggie stated.


His client, Lucille Holt, stated she had been perplexed when she saw authorities, but quickly discovered the neighbors called to complain that the band cut a part of their house (roughly a foot in which the 2 properties buttocks together) and were at their own lawn.

Reggie Fields reported the authorities said nothing to him along with the children. He completed the job felt somewhat discouraged.

“I was like, that is a shame. I didn’t understand,” Reggie said.

But that did not last long.

Lucille Holt made a Facebook article about what occurred and ended up having tens of thousands of views and countless stocks.

“I guess I’ve a lineup where a part of it’s now my lawn. They phoned the police to inform the authorities the children had been cutting they bud,” Holt explained in the movie.

Now, Mr. Reggie is getting a great deal of support because of his new company from folks who watch the movie and should ensure he is never frustrated.

“Folks are inboxing me ‘how do I get connected with this kids? Where are they ? I got home I need these children to reduce,'” Holt explained.

Reggie said he is attempting to spare the money he makes to purchase new gear and expand his company.

“Only give me a phone. I’ll be there. Punctually!” He explained.

Individuals interested in donating funds can get in touch with the Mr. Reggie Lawn Cutting Service lineup at 216-482-4308. A GoFundMe webpage has also been put up for online contributions.

In terms of the neighbor who called police, they phoned News 5 to state that they watched the Facebook movie, but did not need to go on camera.