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Maximum Venom: Venom Review

Maximum Venom: Venom ReviewScore 70%Score 70%

The success of Venom is pegged on its incredible use of a mysterious creature. The story of Venom that terrorizes shoppers and people in selected parts of the city is derived from an escaped alien while on transit. The author and producer of the movie are in consistency where the story flows with graphics and sound effects. It is a scary tale but also integrated with comedy. Themes covered in the movie are varied; they revolve around love that is integrated with Venom effect as a solution to woes in society. Venom is used as an escape medium as well as a powerful tool for chasing anything in life.


The main reason for this big budget book success is the enthusiasm by viewers across the globe. It is a mix of thrill, comedy, and life lessons. The fact that most people can relate to the story makes it popular. The producer seems to understand how the movie industry works. To penetrate the market, one has to balance the magic of words from a novel with visual effects; otherwise, viewers will be disappointed. Venom is not disappointing at all.

The Venom is powerful and threatening peace in the city. Obviously, the authorities have a problem with the alien, which seem to be uncontrollable. The situation in the city attracts journalists in documenting the struggle over supremacy in the city. Venom is clearly a threat to the police authorities with regards to keeping law and order The producer injects in a thriller scenes to bring out the theme of supremacy in society.

The dilemma in legal orders and peace in the city extends to individual insecurity that prompts Drake to break into a computer in search of incriminating evidence. The interview is part of a showdown and supremacy levels that interfere with personal relationships. In this case, Venom blends in various themes in community.


  • Action
  • Sci-Fi
Directed ByRuben Fleischer
Produced By
  • Avi Arad
  • Matt Tolmach
  • Amy Pascal


  • Tom Hardy
  • Michelle Williams
  • Riz Ahmed
  • Scott Haze
  • Reid Scott
Production Company
  • Columbia Pictures
  • Marvel Entertainment
  • Tencent Pictures
  • Arad Productions
  • Matt Tolmach Productions
  • Pascal Pictures
DistributionSony Pictures Releasing


The producer demonstrates different perceptions of people through the alien’s behavior in different settings. Drake is not intimidated by the Venom, to him it is a scientific error that can be fixed. Throughout the movie, he is focused on finding a solution to prove to the police authorities and concerned people in society of the great innovation that should not be neutralized. Drake’s efforts contradict authorities and general feeling in society.

In fact, Drake’s perception is unbelievable to many. He is a scientist that is entirely trying to fix humans. The experiment of human life forms and how it can be enhanced for super powers was referred to as symbiotes. The author uses Eddy to portray similar opinions of people in society because Eddie decides to find out the truth about symbiotes. The research on helps him understand of super powers underlying the human cells and what Drake means by life forms. Actually, the name Venom first comes from Eddy after familiarizing with the weird form of human life.

Venom effect

Eddy’s curiosity results in transformation of his body by effects of the venom. The producer is not clear on objective in this scene but is still an interesting part for viewers. At least it helps viewers understand the basics of Drake thinking with regards to human life form. The producer makes sure the transformation process of Eddy is gradual for viewers to familiarize with the magic. Various parts of the body change resulting to the scary Venom creature.


For the better part of the movie, Drake’s experiments and ideas are the best but the producer presents a different side by demonstrating how Venom is consuming Eddy despite the superhuman strength and healing powers. The idea is Drake’s incredible experiments might have detrimental effects to humanity.

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Maximum Venom: Venom Review

The success of Venom is pegged on its incredible use of a mysterious creature. The story of Venom that terrorizes shoppers and people in selected parts of the city is derived from an escaped alien while on transit. The author and producer of the movie are...

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