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Chicken Weiners: PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Review

Chicken Weiners: PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds ReviewScore 85%Score 85%

Originally released on the 23rd March, 2017, Player Unknown’s: Battlegrounds was considered one of, if not the best battle royale game available at the time. Even now, the game is still considered and recognised as one of the most played battle royale titles currently available. Through a year and a half of development, PUBG has constantly been improved, developed, and added to, to make it the game that it is today, but does that make it a worthwhile purchase overall?

PUBG is one of the few battle royale games that actually has multiple different perspectives to play it in – depending on whether or not you prefer 1st or 3rd person, you can pick and choose between the 2 in certain game modes to play the game to your own preference. Once a game mode has been picked, 100 players are dropped down onto a vast, open expanse, and must go it either alone or as a squad to find some items to make that next match count.

After dropping onto the ground, exploring the world around you is probably for the best, as usually there will be weapons, attachments, consumables, and a vast number of other items around to make this match a little more successful than the last. Depending on the type of player you are, you’re free to play PUBG as you like – either super aggressive or conservative – just as long as you make it to the end alive. One of the biggest parts of the game is the gunplay, as can be expected of any shooter, and for the most part, PUBG’s shooting is actually quite well done. At times the lag can really screw over some of the shots that have been made, but the shooting is designed to be semi-realistic with proper recoil and kick, without being too obnoxious to make it annoying and that’s part of the reason replaying this game is so much fun.




PUBG Corporation


Bluehole Inc.

GenreFirst-person shooter / Battle Royale


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The maps and overall environments for the game are fun to explore and learn, and with a game like this, until you do learn your surroundings, winning games isn’t going to be nearly as easy as you hope. Easily one of the biggest problems for the game, though is its problem with optimisation. Regardless of the platform PUBG is played on, the game has lag issues, crashes, and just general framerate problems that have just never been properly fixed or addressed and it can make playing some matches a real pain to complete because of its poor performance.

Aesthetically, the game takes a rather realistic take on the game, without going too heavy in that one direction and it’s a style that works but isn’t particularly outstanding. Yes, the game does look good, but it doesn’t have much of a style to it in comparison to other games in the genre at this point.

Overall, PUBG still has performance issues and is PUBG’s biggest problem. Thankfully, the developer seems to be addressing the problem, but it will take some time to be solved. The rest of the game, however is all that of a strong battle royale game and it’s no surprise that the game is still one of the most played games right now.

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PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds


Summary Overall, PUBG still has performance issues and is PUBG’s biggest problem. Thankfully, the developer seems to be addressing the problem, but it will take some time to be solved. The rest of the game, however is all that of a strong battle royale game and it’s no surprise that the game is still one of the most played games right now.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

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