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What is the most pain you've ever been in?  


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18/11/2018 3:45 pm  

Simple one this one, what is the most pain you've ever been in?

For me it was when I managed to dislocate my kneecaps (all three times!) after playing soccer. I've never known pain like it and I really hope I never have too again. Just the most extreme pain, even morphine didn't really touch it for me even when I got the hospital. 

What about you?

Hired Gun Vault Dweller
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18/11/2018 10:50 pm  

No doubt it was a kidney-stone a couple of years back.  Of course, this is just what I can remember.  My early years were quite traumatic.

Douche Loder
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19/11/2018 12:53 am  

I have had countless injuries in my life, comes with the territory of speaking your mind and working intense labor jobs, The most pain I have ever experienced though was when I slipped on ice and the impact was directed 2 inches above my tailbone.

The initial fall did not hurt, the reoccurring pain is the worst, but the worst of it was the first spasm that occurred 2 weeks after I fell on my back. The pain was so intense that sneezing, breathing, laughing and even talking all hurt. I wanted to die.

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24/11/2018 10:48 pm  

I once had Kidney stones due to not drinking enough water. It was not a big one, but multiple very tiny one. It was the first time where I as a grown ass man had to yell from the pain in the waiting room. I even had to throw up just because of the pain. So dear Redditors, please drink enough water during the day.



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