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Disney Fantasy One: Kingdom Hearts Review  


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Originally released on the PS2 back in 2002, Kingdom Hearts took the intriguing idea of combining Final Fantasy’s cast of characters, alongside Disney’s vast amount of unique and fun-loving characters that everyone has grown up with over the years. Even though the game is 16 years old, this franchise has left behind a hardcore fan-base that eagerly wait for every new release for the series and considering that Kingdom Hearts 3 is set to come out next year, let’s see what Kingdom Hearts has to offer.

One of the best and worst parts about Kingdom Hearts has always been the story. For people that take their time to pay attention, look up some questions and answers that are strewn about the place, and see what every piece of information the game has to offer will provide more for the story. Focusing on the story, the player plays as a young man named Sora, a character that has been provided with a Keyblade, a weapon that’s used to fight against darkness, a feat only a Keyblade wielder can accomplish. To avoid spoilers, there’s plenty of worlds to explore, each with their own little story arc to follow before moving onto the next one, slowly coming to a close with the overall story. While the story is great for those that pay attention and get the most out of it, Kingdom Hearts a lot of the time can be incredibly confusing if you’re not paying proper attention and this problem only starts to get worse with each new game in the franchise. The story is great, but it takes some work on your end to follow it properly and understand everything that’s going on.

Square Enix were the team behind the game and as such they’ve taken the usual turn-based battle system that they normally use and adapted it to something a little more action-orientated, while still keeping some of those systems. In combat, you’ll be able to freely move around the environment and will have access to a menu of different options that you can use at free-will; blending turn-based with action gameplay. To attack, you highlight the attack button and press the according “accept” button (depending on your preference) and an attack will ensue. By spamming that button, a combo will come out and that’s the basic combat system laid out for you. You can also use magic, consume items, and even summon as well.








Kingdom Hearts

Sequel Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories
Genre Action RPG


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At first, combat takes a little bit of effort to get used to. It’s easy to learn how to use but considering that you have to get used to traversing through menus during real time to perform an attack can take some real work to properly get used to. Outside of combat, Sora is left to explore the world around him, constantly working towards some sort of goal that the “world” will have unique to itself and makes for a fun story arc for each world. Thankfully, during your journeys you never have to go it alone, as you’ll always have Goofy and Daffy Duck by your side to help move along the story, make combat a little bit simpler, and other general support. Although, when it comes to the combat for these two, they don’t always make the greatest decisions while battling the Heartless, so it’s best to not rely on them too much.

Visually, the game has and always will have one of the more striking visual styles. Since every character in Square Enix’s and Disney’s repertoire are filled with colour and character and that very ideology gets moved along to the rest of the game and its multiple worlds.

Overall, Kingdom Hearts’ combat isn’t the best in the series, but it’s still considered unique enough – even now – to be an interesting take on the combat. The story definitely takes some work to fully comprehend, but it’s fun and enjoyable from start to finish and only ends up making you want to play the next game. Aesthetically, Kingdom Hearts still remains one of the best-looking games on the PS2 and makes playing the game in 2018 a breeze to enjoy and only makes giving this one a recommendation that much easier.

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Disney Fantasy One: Kingdom Hearts Review

Originally released on the PS2 back in 2002, Kingdom Hearts took the intriguing idea of combining Final Fantasy’s cast of characters, alongside Disney’s vast amount of unique and fun-loving characters that everyone has grown up with over the years. Even...

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