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Fear and Loathing in New Vegas: Fallout: New Vegas Review  


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Originally released on the 19th October, 2010, Fallout: New Vegas was the sequel to Fallout 3 and followed on from Fallout’s sudden change to the FPS-RPG genre that worked out so well for Fallout 3. Once again, you’re left creating your own character, exploring the wastes of New Vegas where most people are more likely to shoot you in the face than anything else. Considering how well Fallout 3 did in the first place, can Fallout: New Vegas really live up to its predecessor?

Fallout: New Vegas ultimately gives you access to experience and shape the story in any way the player desires, but the initial story follows on from the very start of the game. Your player character finds themselves in a dug out grave, staring down the barrel of a gun and without warning, takes a point-blank shot, leaving them with nothing. After somehow surviving a 1 in a million shot, you’re pieced back together and then you’re free to explore the wasteland and find your attempted murderer and seek out revenge. Finding him is only the start, however and from there the story quickly starts to ramp up and ends up creating an intriguing story that you’re free to shape.

Gameplay is exactly the same as the previous game, Fallout 3. The player is left to explore the world around them, go wherever they please, do whatever they choose, speak to whoever they like, and even shoot everything in sight, all depending on their preference. Just like in Fallout 3, one of the best parts of the game is finding somewhere interesting in the distance and simply walking straight towards it, off out onto an adventure. The quests once more are filled with intriguing and charming characters that almost all have something to say, while giving you more than enough ways to solve their problem however you decide.




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A small change that wasn’t expected from Fallout 3 is how the aiming works in the game. As per usual, VATS makes a return and is as satisfying as it was before, but aiming down the sights isn’t quite what it once was. Originally, when aiming down the sights in Fallout 3, it simply just zoomed the camera in a little more to make the shot more precise. Fallout: New Vegas took that away and created actual iron sights for every weapon in the game and at the start of the game it feels quite odd to perform. Before too long, though, with the amount of time Fallout: New Vegas expects from you as a player, aiming down sights does eventually start to feel even better than the last games FPS style.

In terms of the visuals, Fallout: New Vegas is one of the better-looking Fallout games. While the game isn’t quite as bright and vibrant as Fallout 4; it is much brighter than Fallout 3, a game that only ever seemed to have one colour – green. The overall design of the world, characters, weapons, and pretty much everything in the game as a whole looks great and is some of the best in the Fallout franchise.

Overall, if you didn’t like Fallout 3 by any chance, Fallout: New Vegas is not going to fix that problem for you, but for anyone that loved any of the Fallout games, Fallout: New Vegas has a lot to offer. Alongside a great story with an outstanding world with some great gameplay, Fallout: New Vegas is a great title that anyone could easily lose hundreds of hours in without even realising.


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