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You Have Entered Into a World of Survival Horror: Resident Evil Review  


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Resident Evil by Capcom was originally released on the 22nd March 1996 and next to Resident Evil 2 and 4 is considered the developer’s magnum opus when it comes to survival horror. Set in a world where zombies could quite potentially become a very real threat, a team of highly-trained agents set out to explore a haunting mansion that almost always seems to have more questions than answers while you’re exploring.

Resident Evil starts off with a few members of an elite task force known as S.T.A.R.S. to investigate the disappearance of some of their team members. After a short while, they end up trapped inside a creepy, haunting mansion, where nothing is ever as simple as it seems. Playing as either Chris Redfield or Jill Valentine, you’ll be tasked with exploring the mansion in search of a way out, some answers on what in the world is going on, and possibly the whereabouts of those lost team members.

Gameplay wise, the game plays in a cinematic camera view that keeps a significant amount of distance from your character to ensure that you can see pretty much everything that is on screen without too much of a surprise. Using tank controls, you must shuffle your character in a direction that you wish to run towards before running and while it is incredibly clunky at first, the controls do eventually end up making sense to use, but they will be a frustration for a little while. In the game, you’ll be expected to explore the mansion, solve puzzles, and potentially kill zombies when things get a little bit too hairy.




Publisher Capcom
Series Resident Evil
Next Resident Evil 2
Genre Survival Horror


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While exploring the mansion, there will be a vast array of puzzles to try and solve and whenever a new one gets solved, it will serve as a form of progression for the game. Sometimes the puzzles allow you to gain access to a new room that was previously locked and in other cases it might give you a new weapon, providing you can figure out the puzzle. Puzzles in this game are quite challenging and are not designed to be easy. It can be quite frustrating trying to figure some of them out, but as soon as you do, you’ll feel like you’ve actually accomplished something with this game. When it comes to any combat, your character will need to equip a chosen weapon, aim and fire. Aiming is as simple as spinning around to the target, pressing a button to ready the weapon, and then you’re free to fire as much as you please until the zombie drops dead. Since there isn’t much ammo in the game, the best idea tends to be avoiding most of the zombies and adds an extra bit of challenge to the game.

In terms of visuals, the game has not aged well in the slightest. While looking at the game, it tends to be obvious what each item is meant to be, but considering the time period, simple polygons are not a well-aged visual style and that’s made apparent in this game. For the most part, though, the visuals aren’t what make Resident Evil so good, it’s the atmosphere and the mystery of it all.

Overall, the game has not visually aged well and the controls aren’t exactly all that fun to use for a while, but it’ll eventually start to make sense. Story, gameplay, and the overall atmosphere of the game is a great reason to pick this title up, even to this very day.

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